Monday, January 13, 2014


        Arcturians are the benevolent beings from the Bootes Constellation that have kept planet Earth safe
from the evil agendas of both the Grey Alien and the Reptilian Alien.
 Arcturian Aliens possess
universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health and allow humans to
tap into their teachings through Arcturian Alien Channeling's.  Arcturians teach about love, peace, and
spirit; however, Arcturians also possess the might of war!  Through the use of the Arcturian Starship
Athena, Arcturians are able to protect Earth with a unbelievable force.  Many who follow the
teachings of the Arcturians are beginning the revolution of the conscious age that will one day lead
humans to the powerful and mystical forces the Arcturians practice today!

Grey Aliens are cloned alien beings created by Reptilian Alien as a slave race.  Since their revolt against
the oppressive regime of the Reptilian Aliens the Grey Aliens have wondered into the far reached of the
milky-way Galaxy and the Universe.  
Grey Alien are responsible for many close encounters experienced
by modern day people and have become a pop-culture phenomenon since the reports of Roswell, New
Mexico and Area 51 that is said to house dead remains of Grey Aliens.  Today, it known that Grey Aliens
have made secret agreements with Earthly governments.  These agreements allow the Grey Aliens to
experiment with human test subjects to find a solution to their most dire problem, the extinction of the
Grey Alien race.  

Made a pop-culture phenomenon by the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens, the Ancient
Theory has become one of the most talked about alien controversies of the decade.  
Simply stated, the
Ancient Aliens Theory sets out to prove that Ancient Astronauts were
influenced, directly or indirectly, by extra-terrestrial beings from around our galaxy. takes
you into the world of the Ancient Astronaut Theory and provides evidence for the existence of past
alien life on Earth!

Pleiadians are said to resemble humans in form; however, they are highly advanced spiritual beings.
Pleiadians are believed to exist in a different space-time dimension because of their ability to harness
the powers of the higher spiritual planes.  The Pleiadians are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the
planet Erra which orbits the star 10-Tauri (also known as Taygeta).  Pleiadians are said to be refugees
from the Lyran Wars.  Brought into light by the controversial alien contactee and prophet Billy Meier,
Pleiadians, known as Plejaren by Billy Meier, continue to capture our thoughts and imaginations into
the infinite reaches of our Universe and what it may hold.

From the battles of Galactic Federation to the omni presence of the Arcturians subconscious force, Earth is now facing the
emergence of rival alien races and their alien agendas that will dictate the path that humans will take on our long journey through
the cosmos.  The age old battle between good and evil has now been defined through the various revelations of individuals who
choose to share with us their experiences.  Through knowledge and understanding Arcturians have been able to master the forces
which lift our spirits from the physical chains of death and pain and carry us to the celestial plains of ever lasting peace and joy.  
Never before have the Arcturian Aliens witnessed such an aggressive force of Reptilians and Grey Alien invade the social,
governmental and economic structures of our planet for the gain of their selfish and demonic race.  Today, Grey Aliens continue to
influence the very nature of the men that control our planet and continue to defy the order of the Galactic Federation that has
been marked as the safe keeper of all planets.  

Arcturians today continue to control the unstable galaxy and protect earth from a complete invasion by the Grey Alien and the
Reptilians.  Marked with a sense of urgency, Grey Aliens push to try and savour what is left of their race by striking deals with our
Earthly governments, but as the sands of time continue to work in the favor of the Reptilians and Grey Alien Agendas, the
Arcturians begin to carefully observe and watch the very moves of these evil and elusive aliens called the Greys and Reptilians.  
Sending their most precious attack vessel, Athena quietly stalks the outer limits of our solar system awaiting the unwanted Reptilians
and Grey Aliens that seek to corrupt the minds and souls of humanity and binding them into the realms of hell itself.

The fight began many years ago, and today we begin to join the ranks of those who want to know more about the beings from
the skies, aliens, extra-terrestrials!  We know we are not alone, and the evidence continues to point us in the direction of life in the
cosmos!  From the races of Arcturians, Greys and Reptilians, we now take a look at the world around us and the truth behind the
black curtain of the Earthly governments that continue to hold the truth.  We search for the promise of kindred spirits and the
benevolent beings that can show us the way to the golden gates of the heavens! 

Ancient Aliens is a term used to describe the aliens that once visited our planet long ago (Also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory).  Looking at historic accounts form the Hopi Indians,
Egyptians, Maya, Aztec, and many other ancient civilizations, they all mention strange phenomenons that come from the sky like our modern day UFOs.  Made famous by the book Chariots of the
Gods, Ancient Aliens now captivate the minds and imaginations of those who seek for answers to the age old question, "Are we alone?"  Today, sites like the Nazca lines, Egyptian Pyramids, and
Mayan Pyramids all point to the existence of Ancient Aliens.  The question now, will these Ancient Aliens come back to visit or are they still here?

A mesmerizing topic that has captivated millions of people,
Ancient Aliens brings to life the possibility that we are not alone in the cosmos.  Ancient Aliens gives us a new perspective of proving
that life does exist beyond our planet by looking within our very own past history and civilizations.  Ancient Aliens has now captured the interest of millions through the pop-culture vehicles of the
History Channel (Ancient Aliens series), websites, and the most famous Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods.  This book introduced the Ancient Aliens theory to the masses.  

Most recently, Ancient Aliens researchers have begun to take a closer look into our recent past to see what evidence exists to prove that Ancient Aliens are still influencing the minds of humans
and are attempting to control the planet as they once did.  One of the most fascinating topics at the moment is the mystery that surrounds Hitler and the Third Reich.  Seeing their technological
advancements, one can only wonder whether the aliens we call Ancient Aliens had a direct influence in helping the Third Reich accomplish their mission to over take the world.  Looking into more
recent history and the proof of Ancient Aliens helps us understand the reality of the subject.  With modern day videos and accounts from pilots, soldiers, citizens, and governments the Ancient
Alien influence seems to be more rampant than previously expected.

Ancient Aliens were visitors from our human ancient past that descended on our ancient civilizations and influenced the course of our planet.  From Reptilian Aliens, Grey Aliens and Arcturians, our
planet has seen a drastic change because of the decisions Ancient Aliens and past civilizations made.  Proof of Ancient Aliens visiting Earth are now found throughout the world including, but not
limited to, Ancient Egypt, Peru (Nazca Lines), Central America and many more locations!  With the Ancient Aliens archive you can continue to research and update your knowledge about Ancient
Aliens from one web location.  We examine the ancient past of our planet and the effect ancient aliens had on our civilizations in the past and even in the present.  Come discover the Ancient
secrets of Life beyond our planet!

Join and its in depth look at the Ancient Aliens and their past and present influence they have on our civilizations.  We will explore the questions like "Who were the Ancient Aliens?"
What did they want from humans?" and "Are Ancient Aliens still among us?" Ancient Aliens, a theory that will revolutionize the world once we prove it is real!