Monday, January 19, 2015


Near Death Experiences
Mysterious Ways  Oct No 2014 issue
1.       A JOURNEY TO HEAVEN   EBEN ALEXANDER  III  PROOF OF HEAVEN THE MAP OF HEAVEN   Note these two books and what he learned while comatose for a week from bacterial meningitis.
2.       Gateway of Light ,valley of great beauty     NDE’s of others attempts    to revisit the realm
3.       Spiritual odyssey   brain not capable of dreaming  review of medical records
4.       Back to normal better than what author had been before
5.       Light shining in me son advised journaling before reading about NDE’s
6.       What author learned from NDE
7.       “Unconditional Love goes far beyond the words
8.       Mystical religious traditions consistent with NDE’s
9.       Spiritually Transformative experiences
10.   NDE’s common denominators
a. often seen light beings, soaring beings
b. beautiful trails
c. a spiritual being –encounter-extreme power and essence
d. encounter souls of loved ones
e. information passed comes with imprimatur, stamp of validation, sometimes  as  clue to a deeper mystery   revelations can be quite shocking
f. happens at a time when brain non functional such as coma
11.  Nature of ultra reality-consciousness freed up to a much higher level when it’s released from  the shackles of the brain—we can limit the functions of our neocortex in other ways.
a.       Deep meditation
b.      Prayer
c.       Sacred acoustics
d.      Sound enhanced meditation
e.      Effort persistence, true yearning to know

112     What is this life for?

Loving all beings unconditionally such love has dynamic infinite healing power-dynamic process of learning and growing- shedding the fear of death.   Giving for the greater good. Here to love one another.