Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blood Oath ( Prisoners of the Sun, 1990 ), English

This Australian feature film is based on the real - life trial of Japanese soldiers for war crimes committed against Allied prisoners of war on the island of Ambon, in the Netherlands East Indies ( Indonesia ), such as the Laha massacre of 1942.

The island of Ambon in Indonesia, 1945. During the War, the number of Australian P.O.W.'s on the island had dropped from 1100 to less than 300 due to abuses by their Japanese captors. Captain Cooper is the chief prosecutor. In a mass grave, the bodies of 300 executed servicemen have been unearthed. Cooper assumes that the massacre was ordered by Baron Takahashi, Japanese commander on Ambon. But the one potential witness has gone mad and is due to be shipped back to Australia. No captured R.A.A.F. airmen were found alive on the island at all, not even the four - man crew of a reconnaissance plane shot down late in the war. Takahashi is returned to the island in the custody of an American officer, Major Beckett. But there is little evidence with which to prosecute the Baron. Cooper thinks he could make a case for the missing airmen if only their bodies could be located. And why does Major Beckett appear interested in not seeing Takahashi convicted? Cooper gets a break when Lieutenant Tanaka, a communications officer and a Christian, surrenders himself...