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Stories from the Great Depression

Reviewer: ERD. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 2, 2010 
Subject: Part II of Mr. Besse's film of his town in the late 1930's
This film really captures the time and the atmosphere of Britton, South Dakota in 1938-39. It is like stepping bck in time. I enjoyed watching the various routines and events done during those years: The football team, the band, the 4 H parade, Santa Clause and the children, etc. Even the sheriff and his deputies were shown escourting some chained prisoner into a car. Looks like the place was a nice place to liveReviewer: chriscraft67 - 
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 7, 2009 
Subject: Just wonderful
I could not have enjoyed this more. America at its best. I had to wonder how many of those youngsters lost their lives in WWII. Mr. Besse was an accomplished photographer. His focus and framing on the street shots must have been very hard to do, given the equipment he had to work with. There are several shots on the football field that would take a crew of 20 to duplicate today. It is wonderful that films like thiReviewer: Spuzz - 
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 10, 2005 
Subject: The Christmas Edition!
This is a great one!
We start out by once again going out on the street.. Man, the kids in those days are so much more well groomed and clean cut, making them unbelievably hansome! Soon, were off to the Sheriffs office, where we see what he really packs in his bag.. Then we see the exterior of the police station.. They have a jail! Before I could ask if they house any prisoners.. they bring one out!!! Hes got a handcuff and chain on.. cool! Then we go the gas station.. More people walking around.. Whoa! Large bundle of Christmas trees arriving! Hey the town is decorated for Christmas! More people.. whoa! Look at those prices for produce! 35 cents for 2 DOZEN oranges! WOW. More people.. more sharp looking guys! Ha ha at the shy window cleaners! Ya, you two Mrs Im ingoring the camera lady! The BEST BEST moment of this whole series comes at 6:21 when a shot of a pretty young lady is ruined by the SCARIEST looking old coot with a bad eye! YIKES!! We then get some unspectacular night shots that demonstrate, well, the town is not so well lit. We go back to daytime shots and more people shots, thank goodness. Then we come across a number of shots of people milling around on the street.. waiting for something hmmm then out of a business comes SANTA CLAUS!!!! Hes a pretty LAME looking santa claus, but no matter, for people just SWARM his truck and the jolly old soul.. Look for the shot of the guy who LOOKS like Santa Claus with the expression of Damn, why wasnt I chosen? After that, more walking around shots! The, in a segment that was sure to amuse and confound the viewing public in 1938.. we have a series of backwards shots! Wooo! After that, a shot of.. a beaver.. hmm.. No idea of what thats about.. More street shots.. We then get an extended glimpse of the mighty Britton Braves football team! After THAT, a 4H club parade!!! Who cares? Noone else does LOL.. Love some of the signs though.. Farmerettes. This is one LAME parade. We finish off with more street shots!! Wee!!