Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This class is really seminal watch tonight

it's 6pm mountain time. The link is contained in the message. 

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Email Subject: Free Online Workshop “New Year, New You: Recreating Your Personality” by Rabbi Akiva Tatz
I just signed up for a free online class with Rabbi Akiva Tatz, renowned author and lecturer on spirituality. The class is called “New Year, New You: Recreating Your Personality” and Rabbi Tatz will reveal the mystical secrets of Teshuva and how it relates to a new you in the New Year.  I thought you would be interested in something like this so I wanted to give you the link to join as well.
This workshop will take place on Tuesday, September 16th.  He’s only doing this one-time so I don’t want you to miss out.
All the best!

In Rabbi Akiva Tatz’s important class on Rosh Hashana you will discover: 

  • The meaning and power of Teshuva

  • How you can recreate the past

  • Why confession is necessary and why we do not do it on Rosh Hashana

  • How you can atone for damaged relationships

  • How sins can be converted to merits

 Thanks for helping to impact the lives of 100,000 Jews