Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grizzly Adams Ark


Published on Aug 16, 2012
Settlers start moving into the mountains and Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) attempts to be neighborly, offering whatever help they might need. A man named Cartman (Ronny Cox), and his son, Robbie (John Bishop), set up a camp in the valley. But Cartman stubbornly refuses Adams' hospitality, insisting that he can take care of himself. Robbie, however, is fascinated by the mountain man Adams, and especially interested in Ben, the giant grizzly bear.

Ignoring Adams' friendship and advice, Cartman builds a lean-to downwind of his campfire and gets smoked out. Then, while chopping wood without caution, he cracks open a hornets nest, endangering both he and his son.

Robbie suffers from numerous hornet stings and becomes delirious. Not knowing how to help his son, Cartman goes looking for Adams, cut collapses in the forest. A hawk leads Adams to Cartman...then to Robbie, who is seriously ill.

Adams sends for his Indian friend, Nakoma (Don Shanks), who returns quickly with herbs and roots to make special medicine. Robbie soon gets well and Cartman learns a valuable lesson, growing to respect Nakoma for his wilderness knowledge and admire Adams for his determination to be a good neighbor. Adams promises to teach Robbie how to become a mountain man.