Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carol Cumes Quechua people Willka Tika children's fund,

The below was posted by me on the Ayahuasca blog and was really moving me as few as other articles I have read of disinterested love for our fellows on earth.

Carol Cumes the visionary, owner and creator of Willka Tika Garden Guest
House has been living in the sacred valley for over 20 years. she has not only
created a magical retreat center to visit but she has tirelessly worked to
educate and preserve the teachings of the Quechua people, the isolated mountain
people of the Andes thought to be direct descendants of the Inca Empire. You can
read her story in her first book "Journey to Macchu Picchu". She has recently
written a new book called "Chakra Gardens" about the sacred healing gardens on
her property and with the amazing photographs taken by Greg Asbury has created a
truly spectacular work of art.

Carol's work with the Andean children is truly a
godly work of love if ever I heard of one. I am going to get her books mentioned
and visit on the web her magical retreat center. Your post moved me as I have
not been in years. This not an accidental stumbling on your article.

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