Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ascended Masters Further Scrutiny

Jesus / Sananda

AFRA Babaji Lada Nada

Their awareness of their complete union with G-d, the mystical union often written of by the mystics is their reality of their indivisible union with G-d. "Is no longer run by the shadow". I don't believe I understand or can intuit the full meaning of the below phrase as its stands in this sentence.The "shadow" ego is what I perceive this reference to encompass.The limited ego limited by the earth plane and the experiences of the flesh .Such constraints do not apply or are even in the spiritual repertoire of these ascended masters and they are sorted by certain Rays and Colors and more of that later. Note Dee Finney's lucid dream while awake as it is texted below. The dream was lucid and real and "had" while in the waking state. The 4 masters were in pictures and framed(?) ,the corners came apart and were put together again. One post each on each of the masters is forthcoming.

Self-Realization - the awareness of our complete and indivisible union with
God, which we are. This also means that the ego-self has come to know itself so
clearly, so lovingly, so wisely that it is no longer run by the Shadow.
When one
is in the Illumined State or Self-Realized, there ceases to be any more inner or
outer drama. The personal ego-self has surrendered fully and willingly into the
loving embrace of the Soul.

-30-03 - LUCID DREAM -
I went in and out of this dream several times and worked on the project it gave me, knowing I was awake and dreaming at the same time.
I chose 4 masters from a larger group of individuals - 3 men and a woman. Their picture and information was within frames that were like railroad tracks, so the the corners came apart and could be put back together again. I took the frames off, doubled the size of the photos and the information. Then the hardest job was to put the frames back together so it enclosed all 4 Masters together using all the pieces, including the corners.
The four Ascended Master teachers pictured below all presented themselves to me in dreams and visions over the last 20 years. I will be always grateful that they chose to let me know they were there for me.
These were not the only Ascended Master teachers I have seen. I also have several Native American guides who are helping me to present pages ofinformation for students in the world.
Their information is below in the listing:

Their information is below in the listing:
Christ Jesus
Lady Nada

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