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Chambers of the Deep Dr Hurtak's Project note March 9 2009 Post Continuation

The "Chambers of the Deep" Project of Dr Hurtak explored the chambers underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza and unearthed a once (if not now?) superior civilization ,the vestiges of Atlantis which was decimated and referred to by Plato and Francis Bacon, Many believe that this civilization was (as was Atlantis) settled by Extra Terrestrials as they also visited parts of South America as reported in sightings by indigenous peoples . These events are so inconceivable and fanciful as to be entirely true accounts, and that I state only in the realm of possibility. These have been guarded secrets (now published evidently) of the Thule and Vril organizations which were operated by the Nazis and explained below during WWII and taken over as highly secretive thereafter by the Allies. Note the reference to the school of Pythagoras and my allusion in another post I made to its destruction. I do not think I will publish this to the Blog yet as I really know not if this is a hoax or true, but the fanciful nature of these statements seem credible, though I do not know. I will keep this in abeyance . I still am not assured of the theses of extraterrestrial visitations kept at bay from the public, and hidden, The arguments made are very persuasive and the explorations of the recesses under the great pyramid of Giza are still not detailed to the public but are on the worldwide web for any to gather, so I will publish this post.

Extract from the book
SECRET SOCIETIES of jan van hilsing (pseudonym)
part2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6

short-cuts in this side
thule and VRIL
The allies main
interest were the technologies of the Vril-Gesellschaft

Tesla and free-energy

in the other parts
2- top banking system: making
money out of nothing * FEDERAL RESERVES in USA.

3-about the


5- What happened to these flying
machines after the war?

(some words
translated to norwegian)
Why they - the world leaders and the military -
keeps secret of the ufos.
Page 22:
"Almost all the secrets have to do with
the past of our planet, the history and the origin of humanity (how and where?),
the reason for our being here, the so-called UFOs and the consequences thereof
(UFOs = Unknown Flying Objects, the common name for flying devices with two
counter-rotating magnetic fields, mostly cigar- or saucer-shaped and of
terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin).
I presume that the word UFO is not
welcome to some. That is why it is so important to be open for new things! And
the subject of UFOs is not new, on the contrary. People in Europe have been just
as misinformed as everyone else upon this Earth where UFOs are concerned. And
that again has to do with the Illuminati who control the media!
here in Germany. I would like to give here an example to show just how real and
earthly the background to this phenomenon can be:
Beside the
"THULE-GESELLSCHAFT" (Thule Society) which will be described in detail later,
there was another secret order in the Third Reich, the "VRIL-GESELLSCHAFT". This was mainly occupied with the building of
UFOs. They had, next to Viktor Schauberger and Dr. W. 0. Schumann, also
Schriever, Habermohl, Miethe, Epp and Belluzo working for them, whose
developments will perhaps be remembered by the British and American pilots still
alive as "Foo Fighters".
Their developments was greatly accelerated
after according to them - an "extraterrestrial" saucer went down in the Black
Forest in 1936 and was hardly damaged. After having scrupulously studied the
drive and having joined the findings to the already enormous body of know-ledge
of the "Vril-Gesellschaft" about implosion and antigravity - they started to
build their own prototypes. Developments like the "vril-7" (V7), a disc-shaped
supersonic helicopter (not to be confounded with the V1 and V2 cruise missiles)
were so astounding that today's stealth bombers look like toys in

The Vril-7 developed by Richard Miethe for
example and equipped with twelve BMW 028 turbo-units reached in a test flight in
Peenemunde on February 14, 1944 in vertical take-off the height of 24,200 metres
and in horizontal flight a speed of 2,200 km/h. By the end of 1942 several units
of the circular aircraft RFZ 6 with the name "Haunebu II" had already been
built. It had a diameter of 32 metres and a height at the central axis of 11
metres and near the ground it reached a speed of over 6,000 km/h. It had an
operational range of 55 hours, took off vertically and could fly horizontally,
vertically and - most importantly - manoeuvre at right angles (a movement
typical of all the UFOs observed all over the world).
(No - all this is not
imagination - just watch the videoproduction UFOs -SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH
and also the confirmations from the ET-group from Erra - the contacts of
BillyMeier. R.Ø.remark)
Later Vril developments were even more successful, as
early as the beginning of 1945 they succeeded in flying around the globe in a
few hours. A large-capacity version of the Haunebu II had a dia-meter of 120
metres and had integrated sleeping quarters. Just think why one would need
sleeping quarters if one could fly around the world in a few hours? (More about
the 'Vril-Gesellschaft" and its developments in the chapter named
Many will now ask: "Why did Hitler not win the war if he had
technologies like these at his disposal?" The reason is that although a large
number of these flying disks showed incredible performance, yet they were well
high unusable in a military context. The reason was that the magnetic field
produced by the levitation drive acted like a protective shield around the craft
and, while it rendered it almost impossible to shoot down, was almost impossible
for the conventional" weapons carried to penetrate without "friction".
projects were under the supervision of the "Vril-Gesellschaft" and of the SS E
IV (Secret IDevelopment Centre for Alternative Energy of the SS), i.e. they were
not directly under Hitler's and the NSDAP's orders and basically were not
planned for war use. Only later when Germany's situation deteriorated did one
think about using the flying disks in the war.
Another reason is that most
people have no idea what Hitler's real aims were, where he had been educated, of
which lodges he was a member, whose ideology he adopted, who put him in his
position, who financed him and what reasons there were behind the Second World
War. Hitler's ideology had nothing to do with what we call today the "general
reality" and with what is told about the Third Reich in schoolbooks. Hitler was
a mystic and an occultist down to his shoes, and to understand what happened in
the Third Reich one has to look at it from this viewpoint, too.
To most
"materialists" among the historians, the Nuremberg Trials were a mixture of
Grimm's fairy tales and stories from the mentally sick, because they were unable
to think themselves into the roles of the defendants, nor had they the necessary
knowledge to understand the stories these people told. Dieter Ruggeberg puts
this very aptly: "Only an occultist can recognize an occultist!"
The chapters
about the "Thule-Gesellschaft" and the Vril-Gesellschaft" will explain the
ideology of these people in more detail. Hitler and his secret societies knew a
lot more about the origin of humanity, the structure of the Earth, antigravity
and "free energy" than we are taught today. That is also why all writings and
books that could divulge this knowledge were removed or banned by the Allies, to
ensure that humanity will remain easily manipulated.
The Allies' main interest were the technologies of the
Vril-Gesellschaft". These were the best-kept secrets of the Third Reich. The
Russian got their hands on the construction designs first, the scientists like
Viktor Schauberger and Wernher von Braun became - in the operation "Paperclip" -
the prey (bytte) of the Americans. The resulting developments of flying machines
are under the highest security rating of the U.S. of A. They were also the
reason why J. F. Kennedy had to die (see the chapter "The Kennedy
There were though quite different experiments conducted in
the Third Reich which would all but destroy the views of the world so far
erected by the readers if given here. Therefore they will later be treated
Why have most people never heard about these things? For instance
about the founding of the German state "Neuschwabenland" (New Swabia) in the
Antarctic during the Second World War? And why did U.S. admiral Richard E. Byrd
require almost 4,000 armed troops, an aircraft carrier and full military support
when he went to explore the Antarctic? And why did only a few hundred of them
return? Many open questions.
Why have only few people heard of these things,
or of the developments of NIKOLA TESLA, among which were free
energy machines, energy transfer without cables, antigravitation and the
changing of the weather by the aimed use of "standing waves"? What consequences
would the knowledge about free energy forms and about the use of flying saucers,
which only use a magnetic field for an energy source, have? Especially if every
citizen would have access to it, for their cars for example? No more "Fill'er
No pollutants, no pollution of the environment. No nuclear power
stations any more, people could no longer be kept locked within the boundaries
of a country, and we all would have more free time because we wouldn't have to
work to pay for heating, petrol and electricity (in this time one could think a
lot, perhaps about the meaning of life). And these energy forms exist. The have
been existing for at least ninety years and have been kept secret all this time
(more in "Further Reading").
Why were they kept secret?
Because people on
this Earth are controlled by energy, food and the retention (tilbakeholdelse) of
knowledge. If the knowledge about these things and their use would be available
to all, the Illuminati or other egotists could no longer play their power game.
Churches, sects and drugs would lose their importance. Therefore it is
imperative for the Illuminati to keep these things from the rest of the world,
in order to feed their greed and their ego with their might.
This was a side
trip just to show that the UFO theme is more explosive and real than many would
have it. The "strategy of ridicule" used by the Anglo-American establishment has
so far cost several billion dollars, just to denigrate the UFO theme by the mass
media successfully.
On top of that: The first law in a secret lodge is never
to be mentioned publicly, even saying the lodge name by a lodge brother is
punishable by death in certain cases (in the "99 lodge" for example).
In the
secret school of Pythagoras pronouncing the last theorem (læresetning), the
"octagon" was also punishable by death. The octagon is an important key to
understanding the "Merkabah" (the human geometric magnetic field) and is
therefore "illuminating", that means a solution to our problems. (Mer-ka-bah =
two counter-rotating light fields, which transport both body and spirit =
dematerialization and teleportation of the body)
Secrecy is a proper power.
It allows the execution of operations without them being hindered by legal
entanglements or potential opponents, and it also fosters the interchange of
higher knowledge among the knowing.

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