Friday, April 3, 2009

Margie's Story regarding schizophrenia

Her truths told again bring home that what the west considers as mentally defective or aberrant mental states such as schizophrenia are really episodes of spirit entrance and possession. what we so ignorantly assume as aberrant behavior or insanity has been long known in the ancient world and among indigenous cultures as spirit possession. Detoxing off the western drugs is a phase of treatment that makes perfect sense to me ,also. Note her theory of why people are vulnerable to spirit posseassion.

One of our long term apprentices, Margie, has been
through hell and back on her journey. Growing up in a difficult household, she
was posessed (yes, full-on posessions) by spirits her whole life. Eventually
landing in a mental institution labeled schizophrenic with obsessive-compulsive
tendancies, the whole time she felt the Western approach was lacking the
spiritual aspect: protection from dark spirits entering the body.
Her theory
(and I agree) is that most people have a natural amount of spiritual protection.
For some reason, others have less or it loses power along the way, allowing any
and all entities to jump in and run the show. Then people call them crazy
. Her
work with the Ayahuasca has brought her not only back to a place of ¨normalcy¨,
but a state of Divine connection many dream of. It can be done:)
While people
with schizophrenia need to be detoxed off the Western drugs before we can take
them, Margie´s dream is to open a detox center out here to nurture them through
the process
, and introduce the plant medicine gradually as the body adjusts to
new, stronger, lighter energy patterns
. When the time is right, this too, will
be a part of the Infinite Light community.
So, long story short, Margie would
like to publish her story. And she wants someone to help her write it! So we are
offering a 3-Month Service Apprenticeship ($1500 in total) to any aspiring
authors who think they may be able to capture the full gamut of emotions her
life has endured. Stay tuned for updates on Margie too!

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