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The plant medicine works in conjunction with the body's spiritual connections and is a consistent and constant purgative of the body's dark forces. The plant is a catalyst, and is not the sole solution to the dark energies of the body.To attain our true souls or selves is the objective. The attained new levels comprise higher divine wisdom wherein our minds are moved from over stimulation of the intellect which is counter productive to reaching that higher self. The attainment of balance to receive universal teachings is the goal of the plant treatments. Noteworthy are the references to the following:

  • yogic tradition whereby the body is prepared over a very long period to encompass and absorb high levels of light for which it is not accustomed.

  • Yoga accomplishes the same task in decades as to what the plant therapy does in a much shorter space of time.

  • the dark energies are truly the plague of the West and stop progress in its tracks through fear,time constraints, money,doubt and addictions.

  • This medicine has been implemented regionally for centuries and has been bridged to the West to those truly desiring the help of this medicine.

  • Not all can endure the purging process and completely eliminate the walls of ego.Those drawn to the medicine become Light Ambassadors and are to help others .

  • This technique and healing is much akin to the Hellenistic and secretive schools such as the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Gnostic ceremonies as if they were transplanted to Andean or South American soil. These ceremonies, not surprisingly, were labeled as heresies by the Church authorities of the third century CE.

  • The common Western "superstitions" will again rear their ugly heads: doubt, association with enteogens and hallucinogens,and associating shamans with primitive "witch doctors".

  • Light Levels Shamans, quite to the contrary,are using ayahuasca as an anti drug to purge the body of the dark forces that crept in through the open doors of the body and done willingly to admit these forces. IT RELEASES DRUG ADDICTION AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION.

  • The transcending of western belief systems is a sine qua non to achieve the optimum results.Some people are just not prepared for this phase and when they are, they will know by experience the time of their preparation.

  • The rapidity of the healing is the purging power of the plant. All the spiritual work is limited if the dark energies remain to confront and block us at every step and the obstacles are a constant hindrance. How much energy would be freed if they were not there in the body? Releasing does not always require a medicinal purge.

  • Hidden energies and entities are hidden in the body and in the West the vast majority are in the mind.

  • The medicine reboots the body, takes apart the brain and reassembles it as it was "new" initially.

  • The shift to this secret doorway is now here right in the offing.

  • Again , purging fear and doubt can arise thinking of the words shaman and "cult". Ego and overactive mind chatter is a challenge.

  • Your higher self, the medicine spirits and God work together in common in the purge.Your most debilitating issue ready to purge continues in "that order".

  • The medicine often needs to break through resistance as a test of faith.Other would be adepts desiring healing will get their diminished egos handed to them after the ceremonies and healing process is initiated.

  • Layer by layer purging is often necessary for inbred and ingrained "belief systems and crossed energies"

  • After the completed purge one must learn new body and spiritual management skills including keeping dark entities out and not feeding the unpurged entities

  • Staying connected to the medicine and the learning therefrom.Strong connections to the Divine to check your integrity.

  • The light spirits remain in the body forever: the longer on the Ayahuasca path the more medicine they have in their body and the medicine can have various uses: to channel, learn divination,heal, see, with out the need of ceremony. Psychic and healing abilities "increase the more medicine one has,and Divine Wisdom can be accessed at any time.

  • Divine Wisdom is beyond words and is multi tiered and multi leveled and the reading of books often taints this understanding. It's adepts often write the books.It is often clear and often in the offing when you need it and preempts the asking of so many intellectual questions. It is an integrated balance between the phjysical and spiritual worlds and there is a challenge that the "willing" accept. KEY; The physical world of the "now" is very different than the chimera we see around us.

This, my friends, is the amazing job of the Ayahuasca medicine. To purge
the body of these low frequencies so we can get back to our true selves. As
things purge, we rise Light levels (frequencies or vibrations). On the new
levels, lay higher Divine wisdom, as our minds are moved out of over-stimulation
of the intellect, and into balance to receive Universal teachings.
As outlined
in yogic tradition, the body must be prepared in a process to handle high levels
of Light, otherwise the nerves would fry. From what I understand (but not from
personal experience) yogic tradition can also accomplish this same task, though
it takes decades of intense discipline and study,
and frankly most of the dark
entities that plague the West will stop people before they start (based on
logistics, time constraints, money, doubt, addictions, etc.)
This is why the
medicine has begun to bridge itself to the West...because we need help. Not
everyone is prepared to accept this help, but for those who are, those who
truly, truly want to know, and are willing to do the work, it has become
available to them.
Then, of those drawn to the medicine, some will be able to
delve deeper into themselves, therefore understanding the world around them, and
eventually become Light ambassadors to assist others seeking similar process (in
various forms.) Not everyone will be able to break down the walls of their ego,
or release the addictions that they once loved, or simply endure the physical
challenges of the purging process
. Some will fold under the Western
consciousness, full of fear and doubt, associating ayahuasca with hallucinogenic
drugs and witchdoctors.
Done with high Light-levels shamans, therefore holding
the integrity of themselves and the medicine, ayahuasca is the anti-drug. Not
only does is purge the chemical makeup of drugs, excessive alcohol, and sexual
exchange, it purges all the dark stuff that got inside the body while those
doors were wide open.
Ayahuasca is renowned for releasing of addiction energy,
applied wherever it applied, including drugs and alcohol.

Releasing a society stigma (like the "Ayahuasca is a drug" example) is just one of the many belief systems that will need to be transcended. If a person is not able to start with an easy one like that, the medicine will naturally filter out those who are simply not prepared to understand the levels that will be coming. There is no judgment because not everyone has a desire to know all of this. This is the "Red Pill" in the Matrix. Choosing the blue is not bad, it is simply a choice. For those who desire to know, this may be the clearest, fastest option. It may even be simply too fast for some, in turn they will be drawn somewhere else for their training. You don't yell at a toddler for not being able to walk yet. Things move when the person is ready. Still skeptical? Don't let that block you. Because what if I'm right? The possibilities are too good not to at least find out for yourself.

The purge is what makes the Ayahuasca unique. That's why it works so fast. Because it is physically pulling this stuff out of your body. You can do all the energy and spiritual work you want, but until these dark entities physically leave the body, you are still walking around struggling against them. You may have gotten a pretty good handle on them, but it's so normal you don't know how much energy would be freed up if they weren't there. Certain types can be released without a medicinal purge, but not all. Entities and energies are hidden all over the body. For Westerners, the vast majority are in the mind. The medicine basically takes apart your brain and puts it back together, the way it came in when it was new. This is why some call it the Vine of Death/ get to reboot the physical body, pure, but this time as an adult. People simply don't know what they are missing out of life, because so few people in the West had access to, and have actually been able to delve into to this "secret doorway". Luckily, the shift is here. Relief is here. People who want to get back to real life, in the way they always knew in their souls existed, welcome home. We don't have to wait until we die to get there.

The purges can be challenging, make no mistake. Often (but not always) the person feels the energy or emotion as it is leaving the body. Purging fear = extremely scary. Purging doubt = thinking all these shamans are out of their minds and this is some kind of cult. Purging ego = getting triggered by the guy with the bigger ego during the day of the ceremony. Purging overactive mind chatter = exhausting thought spirals. Physical purges (vomit, diarrhea, gas, hot/cold temperatures, yawning, sweating, vibrating/shaking, crying, abnormal breathing, fidgeting) are all catalysts that the dark energy attaches to (either the physical liquid, gas or breath) to get out. It is the much more efficient than energy work alone (though most people feel extreme energies as well). Not only do challenging purges move out darkness fast, they train the body and mind to be able to endure the physical world. The big picture keeps stretching, allowing person's world to look more manageable. The body is strengthened, allowing for higher tolerance levels for life in general. And the dark energies are purged, giving the person a cleaner slate.

Your Higher Self, the medicine spirits, and God all work together to prioritize the healing for each person individually. They look for the most debilitating issue in your world that you are physically ready to purge, and continue in that order. For some, they will need to see the Light at the end of the tunnel before they even start. They may have a couple of amazing ceremonies before the purge begins. Others won't feel the effects for several ceremonies, while the medicine works to break through their walls, also testing their faith and trust (or sparing them from seeing something they can't handle). Others will get their egos handed to them in full-on boot camp style. Others get the nurturing mother they always wanted. Most get a combination of all of these, depending on what they need at the time. Complete entities can be purged in one ceremony, but for more ingrained belief systems and crossed energies, they tend to happen layer by layer. As mentioned before, the body can only handle so much stretching to new Light levels in one night (and once the purge is out, the body moves closer to its natural state: happy, healthy, humble, wise, and Light.

Once the purge is complete, the medicine trains on management skills. Management is learning how to keep those entities out, and not feed the ones that have not yet been purged. This is the physical practice of staying connected to the medicine, and what you are learning from it, outside of ceremony (of course, there really is no "outside of ceremony!") This training allows you to take back authority over your body and your life, with a strong line in to the Divine to keep check of your integrity and guidance. Naturally, as a person takes in the plant medicine, the Light spirits are in the body (to remain forever). Therefore the longer a person pursues the Ayahuasca path, the more medicine they have in their body. This medicine can be used to channel, learn divination, heal, see, etc, all without the need to physically be in ceremony. Psychic and healing abilities increase the more medicine one has. Divine wisdom is not something that needs only to be accessed during ceremony hours.

Which brings me to the next point: understanding. The levels of Divine wisdom and understanding are simply beyond words. Often people have to stop reading books while in apprenticeship because they find it is tainting their direct learning. These will soon be some of the people writing the books. Sometimes the wisdom is clear and given, other times it is simply there when you need it (and it's new to you too!) Having access to these kinds of answers makes you stop asking so many "intellectual" questions. It all comes clear in its due time. Patience is the first rule of apprenticeship, while being prepared to hold on tight for the lightening-fast ride.
So what is Ayahuasca? It is the key to the doorway of REAL LIFE. For people who want to walk the integrated balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds, enjoying and appreciating who they truly are, without judgment, without fear. For those who want to experience life's FULL GAMUT, and are ready, willing, and able to accept the challenge. You know who you are. And if you don't, and you want to be, break through just enough walls to get yourself at the doorway. There is a physical world right here that is very different than you think. It's everything you ever thought it could be. Your inner hits were KNEW it was real. Whatever the challenges, follow the call. It is SO worth it.

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