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Chambers of the Deep James Hurtak Pyramids Atlantis continued


Three scouts climbed into the Pyramid from the opening afforded by the sliding of the stone.The lead scout Amend Abouu made a misstep in the dark passage and suffered a case of injured pride only.A mockup of the area was reproduced in the south secluded area.The men would have limited time as the stone was timed to open and shut. This timing alone evidenced a most advanced technology that could so formulate this opening and closing action. Four men could be admitted without mishap. Was it fastest to jump slide or squeeze into the opening? The vigil of the wait was filled with foreboding for whether the scouts would return or not was unknown.

The stone block rolled (or slid) inward for a distance of not more than
seven feet, leaving only a clearing of a mere three feet (90cm)due to the block
protrusion of the under layers. Instead of jumping at the chance to dash into
the opening, hesitation was the theme of the next few seconds - due mainly to
shock and total surprise. The decision was finally reached (and none too soon)
and the three scouts hurriedly climbed down its pitch-black mouth and just as
the right hand of the third member was pulled free into the opening, the giant
block slid smoothly over the underlay stone. The total time of opening and
closing totaled just 35 seconds with 49 seconds to its final resting place on
the exterior facing. On entering, the lead scout, Amend Abouu had made a misstep
in the dark passage and plunged (stupe)forward down a flight of a dozen stairs.
By the tone of his voice one would imagine he had been seriously hurt but as it
turned out, it was only his pride that suffered the agony - and
the dust that
was suddenly stirred created a choking experience, delaying the descent for many
This opening of the stone simply did not occur after just 37
attempts from the first initial try but was tried many dozens of times prior to
being at that location.

Figure 14: (Top) Entering the
Pyramid; (Bottom) The staircase into the tomb.
Eight months prior to June
9th, a mockup of this area was reproduced - Hollywood style - in a secluded
(bortgjemt)area south of the Pyramid to the exactness of duplication. Knowing,
after all research was completed, the men that would enter would have limited
time - thus this mockup, on a timer, served as a proper evaluation to learn of
the fastest way in, jumping, sliding or squeezing in the allotted time and to
determine, after practice, how many it would admit before the last few inches
closed around them. Had this not been tried many times over, the first attempt
could have been fatal for one or more.
In the finalization, it was learned that
time, if pushed for every second, could admit four men almost without mishap and
if any member displayed no hesitation, which was the case on the first real
attempt. Still, with all this practice, no member of the team planned to carry
food or water and the first entering consisted of flashlights only - which was a
grave mistake.
Once this stone closed, the three expeditionists had been
completely devoured ("slukt")by the Pyramid, leaving those who were only half
watching at the base in complete wonderment as to how the three disappeared from
plain sight -who minutes before, could be seen at the edge of the shadows. For
those who did not actually see this disappearance still had a premonition it had
to be so and they had succeeded. The vigil (våkningen)of the wait seemed endless
for no one knew if or when the scouts would return to the exterior of that south
facing of the Pyramid.

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