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Chambers of the Deep The pyramid's secret entrance

Key words and the right vibrational tone would move the stone to enter and no one knew if the stone would move.This series of steps was unheard of in any scientific theory. It was beyond any known theories then known. The skeptics believed that the 40 years developed in this research was really a hoax of some ancient who devised a scheme to thrill those who sought out the meaning of these scrolls discovered just outside Athens in 1936.Before verbal vibrations could be tried,much preparation had to be considered.

  • the parading guards' rounds had to be clocked.

  • when did they discontinue their vigil?

  • Each group of 8 guards had to be exchanged every 4 hours.6AM to 6PM

  • no move could be anticipated before 8PM

  • This was an unusual venture that required the utmost caution .Many futile nights followed nights followed the first attempt.

  • Exhaustion set in after the 20th try.

  • They were never spotted at 450 feet regardless of the moon reflections.

  • Their attempts became bolder with each climb with no fear of being caught.

  • 37 attempts were made by trial and error to open the secret entrance.

  • Key words were uttered in many tonal vibrations with no response.

  • The party dwindled to three who were die hards.

  • March 5-June 6th was the duration of the climbing expedition. Then the group felt success.

  • Morning of June 9th (7th by Lunar calculations) success was achieved by mere accident(?)

  • The voice recorder was turned on accidentally-Amend Abouu stooped over to step down and began exit.Resdults occured immediately.

  • This 15 ton block began to slide inward at a slow pace seven minutes after the fourteenth hour at midday 2;07 AM 14+7=21. This occured June 9th

  • The time divisible by 7 of the exact day plus the correct vibration of the tone and the key words were all concomitant elements necessary for the opening to occur.

To enter from the top of the Pyramid's secret entrance, one must be
directly in front of a specific stone yet having ample room to maneuver if and
when success was reached this one and this particular stone began to move. When
two of the men were ready with the key words and a belief they had the proper
vibrational tones, no one was sure how such a stone would move - if at all. For
the few skeptics that are inherited in every group, the movement of one of these
stones was not only impossible and impractical but also totally unheard of in
any scientific theory.
Thus they were certain that the 40 years devoted to this
research was in reality a hoax of some ancient who devised a scheme to thrill
those who sought out the meaning of those scrolls, originally discovered just
outside Athens, Greece in 1936. Although all members of this expedition
supported some feelings of truth to those informative scrolls, still to a degree
leaned toward traces of skepticism in their deep beliefs
Before an actual
attempt could be made in trying out various verbal vibrations, much preparation
had to be taken under consideration. Research had to be done to clock the rounds
of the parading guards, when they were relieved and when, if at all, did they
discontinue their vigil (nattevåkning) of the Pyramid's exterior.
It was
recorded that each group of eight guards changed hands every four hours and were
clocked for duty from 6 A.M. to their final dismissal at 6 P.M. This was a
twelve-hour shift and since all tourists had to vacate the Pyramid by 4:30 P.M.,
their last shift closed at the end of the twelve-hour interval. Due to delays of
various guardsmen, no move could be anticipated before 8 P.M. The one remaining
guard at the Pyramid's entrance presented no problem, since his position was at
the opposite facing to the secret entrance of the south wall.
The first date
for this unusual venture was scheduled for March 5,1976 when the moon shed no
light and would remain for four hours. The first attempt was futile
(fågjeves)and to the discouragement of the eleven who were on this private
expedition, many more futile nights followed in rapid succession until
exhaustion set in after their attempt of the 20th try. Many trips to the height
of 450 feet were made regardless of the moon reflections, for inasmuch as they
were never spotted; their attempts became bolder (dristigere)with each intended
climb, and toward their last visits. There was little or no fear of being
A total of 37 attempts were made in this series of trial and error.
On each trip, generally involving six members of the eleven, the key words were
uttered in many verbal tone vibrations, yet they failed to get any response to
an opening of the stone. After the third dozen attempts, frustration and more
sincere skepticism began to seep in with all other mixed emotions. This repeated
climbing finally took its toll among the members of the crew and in the last few
attempts the number in the party dwindled to just three scouts who were of a
diehard makeup that would not quit.
This climbing exhibition lasted from March
5th to June 6th before there was any inward feeling of success.
It was the
early hours of morning of June 7,1976 that, in the silent of the night,
something was heard in the direction of this one particular stone. Searchlight
involving only a piercing beam (and not a flood of light for obvious reasons)
showed only tiny specks of loose cement at both its vertical edges - but nothing
more. Since we knew every inch and degree of inches around that one stone, it
was immediately apparent that this tiny debris was not there when the arrival
was made. Some movement must have taken place and something created a strange
sound. Other than these two unusual happenings, that evening of the seventh was
totally uneventful.
It was not until the wee morning hours of June 9th (June
7th by the Lunar calculation) that success was achieved, and by mere accident.
Our voice recorder (of tone vibrations) was turned on accidentally when Amend
Abouu stooped over to step down and begin to make an exit. Results occurred
immediately. This 15 ton block began to slide inward at a slow pace, creating
with its movement a sound of stone rolling over pebbles, yet not really this
type sound. The precise time was seven minutes past the fourteenth hour of
midday (fourteen and seven is 21) or seven minutes after 2 A.M. of the 9th of
June. Apparently, as we reasoned later, the time divisible by seven of the exact
day plus the correct tone vibration of the key words led to the secret of the

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