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Konrad Weiss DEFA Documentary Films

This series presents a series of short synopses of holocaust and other foreign European films. There was an abundance of diary literature written in those dark holocaust years on which many later films were based and Dawid's Tagebuch was such a documentary based on Tagebuch des Dawid Rubinowicz. This is purely a diary kept by Dawid between 39-42 and he wrote what happened to his friends and relatives who had to hide themselves.

A yellow horse, fast like the wind - This second film is a documentary for children and the setting is Salchit on the Mongolian Steppe. It is from the TV series "A Special Day". Tents and Yurts stand there of a geological expedition ,where German and Mongolian specialists work.In the middle of the Steppe is a German kindergarten. The German and Mongolian children do not play with one another. Claudia ,age 6, and German, has a desire to ride through the Steppes like the Mongolian boy Gantulag who sometimes gives her his horse Schar-mor,and the children form an acquaintance.Understanding grows.

- 12 Aug 1980: Censor, GDR (MfK) Nr. 3381- 06 Feb 1981: Release date
The film traces the tracks of a murdered child in German-occupied Poland in World War II. The 12 year old Polish-Jewish boy David Rubinowicz and his family were murdered in a concentration camp. A school photograph of David and his diary are the only reminders of him. In his diary he wrote what happened in the period between 1939 and 1942: friends and relatives who had to hide themselves, Jewish children who could only be educated secretly, the ever-increasing hunger. His diary ends mid-sentence.
Subject Terms
1930-1939; 1940-1949; 1980-1989; Anti-Semitism; Monuments; Families; Memorials; Gravestones; Hunger; Jews; Jewish badges; Children; Childhood; Cracow; Corpses; Soldiers; Killing of children; Treblinka (Museum); Warsaw
- Bundesarchiv - Filmarchiv, Berlin; 35mm; div. Kopien- Bundesarchiv - Filmarchiv, Berlin: 282 m / 25'42''; 16mm
Progress Film-Vertrieb VEB, Berlin/Ost (initially)Progress Film, Berlin (current)
- Bundesarchiv - Filmarchiv, Berlin; Fotos

Ein gelbes Pferd, schnell wie der Wind (A yellow horse, fast like the wind) Documentary for Children - TV-Series "A special day"
Screenplay and Direction by Konrad WeißCinematographer: Michael LöscheSound: Rolf Roelke and Z. DolshinsurenEditor: Karin KlöpschScript Editor: Ev WittmannProducer: Bathuu Dashguntew and Karlheinz HaarnagellDEFA Studio für Dokumentarfilme, Berlin, 197714 min. - 35 mm - colourFirst broadcast: 8th January 1978, Fernsehen der DDR Foto: © Konrad Weiss

In the east of the Mongolian steppe - in Salchit, the valley of the wind - stand tents and yurts of a geological expedition. German and Mongolian specialists work there. Some of the miners and geologists live there with their families. In the middle of the steppe gives it a small German kindergarten.
But the German children played not with the Mongolian children. Between tents and yurts was an invisible border. But Claudia, a girl from Germany, six years old, had a desire. She wanted also wildly to ride through the steppe like the Mongolian boy Gantulag. Sometimes Gantulag has given her his horse Schar-mor. In this way the children became acquainted with each other, and better to understand.

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