Sunday, June 14, 2009

Manos Que Curan II

Her cranial treatments with this quintessential sacred plant and manipulative medicine is more credible and powerful than any thing yet conceived of, I surmise, in traditional western medicine and it is the enlivening of the entire cranial area in exponentially rapid treatments.Teresita's reactions and visualizations accompany the treatments as they are an extended dimension of the treatments. She can visualize the revitalization. Activate,revive and renew.The nerves receive manipulation and growth as renewed energy enters in. The depiction of aerobic activity of the central nervous system is quite apropos.The reference to the new style cream from Mexico is quite revealing as the advanced cures from Mexico rely on the simple cures antedating ours by years,and much more powerful,. This is not the first occasion I have heard them referenced. Where they ultimately derived from is matter for surmise . They term it indigenous medicine but much father advanced than our reputed western cures. The medicine/treatments and creams are individually based and not mass produced to a mass audience. The creams are derived from annually blooming flowers and this same cream was used by Dra years ago after sustaining quadriplegia. Teresita's observations are quite revealing as to the efficacy of the treatments:

  • her art entered in competition exhudes a spiritual dimension brought out by the treatments, which, I assume was dormant until that time and brought from that state of dormancy. So it was brought forth by desire.This state of dormancy is hid within us all lacking or bolstered by the desire for expression.

  • her experiences with the plant Sanango is expressed as an exponential shedding of the cobweb later to be explained. We call it detox in the West and is not near so fast and cumulative.

  • This culture does not compartmentalize the sacred worlds they inhabit but is inclusive in a continuum of prayer Eluko prays on this medicine, blessing it and my dieta with a traditional Shipipo or Quechua echaros (Quote) The dieta is a process ,I can see that.

Que Curan II

*Doctora (Dra.) is simply the feminine form for doctor, in
Spanish.Over the past few weeks, I have begun working solely with Dra.* Laura at
Manos Que Curan. Treatments now include work on the cranial area. Ohhh...
slightly painful in moments. Incredibly powerful nonetheless, as Doctora treats
the skull lining and nerves around the head, triggering nuero messages down the
spinal cord while doing so. I can feel them run their track,
lighting up
peripheral nerves, until it reaches the base of the cord. Activate, revive,
renew... this is the pattern during sessions. For example, treat an area
underneath the scapula and I feel the electric current run down my fingers.
Trigger an area underneath the tricep and nerves fire down the spine, to the
leg, the sciatic nerve and out the foot. These are quick, strong impulses
showing life revitalize throughout the body. Simultaneously, I look to it and
through it, visualizing the nerves receiving manipulation and growth. Treatments
are aerobic activity for the central nervous system.
Dra. Laura has introduced a new style of creams as well. The ingredients come from Mexico, some which are flowers that bloom only once a year. This is the same blend of ingredients Dra. was treated with years ago, after she sustained quadriplegia. I am the only client she uses these particular creams on, within all three of her clinics.I stand daily. On a strong day, I reach 40 minutes continuously on my feet. The girls help me walk each day as well, roughly 100-200 feet each time around. There is much focus on my low back-low abdomen-hip flexor, the regions of my body needing most work. My right side holds up the sturdiest. I identify with the memory and normalcy of the body's fluid motion, although in moments of fatigue I admit to feeling like a fish out of water. A variety of other exercises weasel in throughout the week.

If you have ever noticed, I often wear orthotics to support and prevent injury to my ankles and knees. I am now outgrowing them! Slowly, my calf muscles are developing larger then the braces' original mold. So exciting! It could still take six months until I am able to wean off of them... this will be determined upon the rate my lower back strengthens.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

While in the midst of this 38 day dieta, I am slowly developing a deeper understanding of my plant of choice, sanango. The emotional components and their releases are indeed still being revealed and processed. This is my experience, predominantly a physical description, of shedding that cobweb, which I feel is being done so exponentially. I am humbled by its ability and feel honored to experience this sacred world of plant medicine. It is 3 AM I am woken by Eluko and Meghan with a glass of brewed Sanango. Eluko prays on this medicine, blessing it and my dieta with a traditional Shipipo or Quechua echaros. Alesha helps me up to drink the medicine. It is tough to taste and I nearly gasp while swallowing this hot spiced brew. Finished with the glass, I lay back down, struggle slightly with nausea, but eventually fall back to sleep. It is day one and my dieta has opened.

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