Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poco Little Dog Lost

A slice of plot shows clearly Poco's precognition and sensitivities and that supposedly haphazard happenings are anything but haphazard. Chill Wills gives an unforgettable performance. He finds his way home as it was foreordained to be.

Back to the dog in the desert. After several days of no food and likely no
water, it is not looking good for poor Poco. She lays down on the desert floor
to call it quits, but fate is on her side. A cockatiel belonging to an old
prospector, played by veteran western actor Chill Wills, guides the old geezer
to the dying dog just in the nick of time. A vulture is waiting for the
prospective carcass, but life is for living, and Poco is nursed back to health
by the loving elderly man.
Kim and her parents begin their five trips to the
California desert to look for Poco, who has found a caring, temporary home with
the prospector. The desert dweller introduces the mutt to his sidekicks Senator,
a mule, and Congressman, the cockatiel, who saved her life. Well, the prospector
has to go find his pot of gold, and leaves Poco behind under the protective
wings of the Congressman. A rattlesnake suddenly shows up, and the roped dog
breaks free to escape the poisonous reptile.
The prospector returns home to
Poco, and although upset, he begins to speak loving words about his former
friend while the film shows the dog continuing his desert journey. The adventure
in the heat, however, is short lived, as Poco makes it to the high altitude pine
forests of Yosemite National Park where she has a stinky run in with a skunk,
but enjoys swimming in the creeks and streams to be found in the lush landscape.
A park ranger crosses paths with the cute canine and brings her to his
girlfriend who is preparing a picnic. Then, the film has the ranger giving the
dog away to the pound, but stating Poco will find a good home. Her home is with
Kim, and she is shown praying to the Lord asking for Poco’s safety and to be
reunited with him. That will happen...shortly. l

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