Monday, June 15, 2009

Sanango the medicinal plant


Sanango permeates the nervous system in a state of bodily stillness into nerves tendons muscles and cells. The plant is spirited and clever and the body becomes quite heated emitting a rosy hue. Tingling and sharp sensations fire sporadically around the body. The nervous pathways are awakened and the body is completely re-booted. Sanango does the re-booting throughout the day and often Teresita awakens with pain followed by release or sudden purge. All kinds of bodily upset are released (read the cobwebs section below).she focuses on the breath and meditates on the nerves. She guides the nuero paths onto route. Lingering medications from the years are also released.It crawls throughout the body to an area Teresita holds focus. There are 3 days of dieta. It is not so much visionary but physical assuredly. Damaged cells,toxins and free radicals are shed. Dieta consists of solitude and self-reflection.The body becomes sensitive to additives.

A few hours later gradually I open my eyes, trying to focus on the mosquito
net engulfing the bed. I cannot; my vision has become incredibly blurred. My eye
muscles are sedated. I move my arms, they feel especially heavy. My legs, knees,
my entire body is abnormally weighted. This is Sanango in her early phase.I
surrender, close my eyes and drop into the medicine. It feels appropriate to
become acquainted with one another. I question why my muscular system is
suddenly so depleted. In reflection, I sense a firm response... be still so I
can do my work. How sensible. With the body in a state of stillness, sanango can
permeate into the nervous systems, tendons, muscle tissue and cells without
This plant is spirited and ever-so-clever.I can barely raise my
head. My body is emitting an incredible heat and in result, my skin has a deep,
rosy hue. I notice hot, tingling, occasionally sharp sensations firing
sporadically around the body. It is intense but strangely familiar; it is the
feeling I receive when my nervous system and its pathways are over-stimulated or
awakened. Sanango does this erratically throughout the day, culminating with
sharp pain, followed by a gradual release or sudden purge.
A purge releases all
sorts of cellular and bodily upset or damage (read the Cobweb entry below), thru
sweat, urine, bowel, vomit, crying and even your breath. Fun? You betcha. My
body appreciates any energy I can spare it; I nap often. I begin to recognize
how I can work with this plant. Focus on the breath, meditate on the nerves.
remind and guide the nuero-paths onto route.
I observe sanango crawl throughout
the body. Eventually it crawls to the area where I hold focus, as if I brought
the plant there myself.
Dieta continues this way over the next three days,
mellowing out in the evening.Sanango is not so much a visionary plant, but
certainly physical. I feel the shedding of damage cells, toxins and free
radicals continuously
In one particular instance, after hours of nausea, I
witness my body rid itself of the anesthesia and intense medications lingering
from months in intensive care years ago. ***Dieta is a time of solitude,
minimalism and self reflection.
You eat minimally, surviving mostly on the
plant. Two meals a day, take your pick: rice, boiled plantains or yucca, fish or
eggs for seven days. No salt, sugar or pork of any kind. I woke each morning at
6 AM, showering shortly after.
It is necessary to clear off all shed energy. No
shampoos, soaps or anything fragrant. The body is completely re-booting itself
and much too sensitive for any additives,
people included. I hang out by myself,
with the exception of Alesha, Meghan or another woman Margie, who helped me
throughout the day

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