Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toby McTeague

There are mystic happenings in the movies featuring animals and their own mystic qualities and one such involves chief wild dog mystically reuniting father and son at the climax of the film and rescuing Toby's sled dog business in miraculous fashion within the realm of ordinary nature with super ordinary feats of physical performance on the part of the dogs on Toby's sled.

Director: Jean-Claude Lord
AMG Rating:
Genre: Children's/Family
Movie Type: Family Drama, Animal Picture
Themes: Runaways, Man's Best
Friend, Fathers and Sons

Main Cast: Yannick Bisson, Winston Rekert, Timothy
Webber, Stephanie Morgenstern, Andrew Bednarski, George Clutesi
Year: 1986
Country: CA
Run Time: 94 minutes
MPAA Rating:
PlotToby McTeague (Yannick Bisson) is a teen-aged boy, living in a
flyspeck town in Northern Canada with his father and younger brother. Toby's
thriving livelihood, raising and training sled dogs, is threatened by a dip in
the local economy. His problems are intensified by the ongoing hostilities
between Toby and his dad (Winston Reckert). Running away from home, Toby makes
the acquaintance of elderly Indian chief George Wild Dog (George Clutesi), who
years earlier had been "shaman," or spiritual advisor, to Toby's father. It is
Chief Wild Dog who mystically brings father and son together at the film's
climax, in addition to rescuing Toby's sled-dog business in a near-miraculous
fashion. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
Yannick Bisson -
Toby McTeague
- Tom McTeague
- Edison Crowe
Stephanie Morgenstern - Sara
Andrew Bednarski
- Sam McTeague
George Clutesi - Chief George Wild Dog Liliane Clune - Jenny
Lessard; Tom Rack - Faulkner; Joanne Vannicola - Girl Punker; Evan Tlesla Adams
- Jacob; Ian Findlay - TV Reporter; Mark Kulik - Ben; Anthony Levinson - Peter;
Hamish McEwan - Mike Lynn; Dick McGrath - Games Announcer No. 1; Doug Price -
CreditMichele Hamel - Costume Designer, Jean-Claude Lord -
Director, Yves Langlois - Editor, Pieter Kroonenburg - Executive Producer, David
J. Patterson - Executive Producer, Claude Demers - Composer (Music Score), Kevin
Hunter - Composer (Music Score), Peter Pringle - Songwriter, Jocelyn Joly -
Production Designer, René Verzier - Cinematographer, Wendy Grean - Production
Manager, Nicolas
- Producer, Bill Orr - Special Effects, Patrick Rousseau -
Sound/Sound Designer, Jerome Tiberghien - Stunts, Jeff Maguire - Screenwriter,
Djordje Milicevic - Screenwriter, Jamie Brown - Screenwriter, James Brown -
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