Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Wasted Life: The Gathering (2002)

The Gathering begins with the discovery a buried church from the 1st century in the rural English town of Ashly Wake, a church that features a hitherto unknown scene in relief of a group of people watching the crucified Jesus. Simon Kirkman (Stephen Kirkman), a well-known iconoclast religious scholar just happens to live in the neighborhood, so he undertakes the excavation and studies. In turn, his wife Marion Kirkman (Kerry Fox) just happens to run over an American drifter Cassie (Ricci), who awakens in the hospital bereft of her own memory but able to recognize the young son of the Kirkman’s by name. Invited to stay with the Krikmans until she regains her memory, (Quote)

The plot circles around the concept that a group of 13 rubberneck spectators who once watched the crucifixion of Christ have been doomed by The Angry God to wander the earth forever, continually turning up at places where inevitable tragedies are to occur.

The plots interphase and obviously are interconnected with other side elements and interludes lent to give the broader scope.

This legend is reverberated as fact by the bishop as the church having known of the spectators as if these were undisputed facts and woven into the Joseph of Arimathea "legend" or fact, which makes the association the hazier.

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