Saturday, October 31, 2009

100 most banned books invited reviews or make your own

These are purportedly 100 of the most banned books.What should be on there is one title,The Irregulars appearing as an audio book in 2 parts, and which I would like to review at length as given in my notes and observations below. The Irregulars by Jennet Conant appeared as an unabridged audio book on 9-9-08 and consists of 6 hours of narration especially as a narration of the history of British espionage and covert activities originating in Washington DC. A small coterie of British spies were formed in the US when it was critical to obtain US support then in an isolationist frame of mind. England was in a dire state and would not have survived had we not entered on her side during the war and Churchill knew this and sent William Stephenson in advance to Washington to man an army of spies and covert agents to turn the US from her isolationist ways then predominant and join the war and hence in the process save Britain from a Nazi invasion and encroachment/destruction. The bombing of London was but a prelude to this impending intention of Hitler. Western civilization was possible by their victories due to their espionage and covert activities.Notables of this coterie were: Roald Dahl , the later fabulist known world wide; Ian Fleming the creator of the James Bond series; Noel Coward and others yet to be mentioned and later known more definitively as MI6 . Unrevealed letters and dairies and reminiscences comprise the core of the book .These were Churchill's underground fortress in America and helped turned the tide away from Nazi barbarism to the Allied cause. The story is detailed and picaresque . More in another post. It was not exclusively troops and air power that won the allied cause , but superb and clandestine intelligence activity always, of course laced with dirty tricks and moral ambivalence in a good cause. They were the right arm of our then fledgling OSS.

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