Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hitchcock Noir and the Use of Landscape

The origins of this post lie in a book I found in a used bookstore a few months back: The Cinematic City edited by David B Clarke (Routledge 1997). This is an academic book with a collection of essays on the “relationship between city and cinema”, which contains some fascinating essays on the noir city. This title I have perused and commented on the Film Noir blog. An excellent Essay on noir in the films and craft of Alfred Hitchcock can be found in
Silver, Alain J.: The fragments of the mirror: The use of landscape in Hitchcock. In: Wide Angle 1,3, 1977, S. 52-61. See my other post on the Noir Encyclopedia II.

This is the most comprehensive indexing and resource guide to film studies I have seen and can be accessed to in depth research on most topics.

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