Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar and ayahuasca


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Avatar" and Ayahuasca - James Cameron's Movie
WARNING: Do not read this until you have seen the movie! I need to make references to it that may take away from the impact of the movie by learning ahead of time, so do yourself a favor and wait! Lol - it is too good to miss:)AVATAR and AYAHUASCA?Okay, so maybe this is just because I see the world through the Medicine, but am I wrong in some seriously uncanny parallels between the Ayahuasca Medicine and the movie Avatar? I truly want to know if anyone knows (for a fact) if James Cameron has created any of this based on the Medicine...Now of course, wisdom is wisdom, and it is obviously not limited to people who work with the Medicine to access it. But seriously, look at some of this stuff...Okay so of course there is the dichotomy of those who understand and those who don't (in the movie, whether they can 'see' or not). And of course the ones with the big fancy technology and egos laugh at the concept of a sacred tree and spiritual access with it (the 'what are you smoking' comment...sounds familiar...)But the concept is human and plant conciousness merging...the widsom of the ancestors connected in the network of the tree roots, communicating like the synapses of the human brain (or something, I'm not a neuroscientist). Obviously we know about the energetic matrix/string theory in quantum physics, connecting everything to everything. But the Tree of Souls being the access to this information...hmm kinda like ayahuasca? AKA Vine of the Soul?The way the marine learns reminds me a bit of ayahuasca apprenticeship (in concept and energy.) And the fact they literally lie flat and go in through the mind...hmm...looking a bit like ceremony minus the Icaros and the shamans...There is so much more I could go on about (the similarity between Eywa and the word Aya, who knows, maybe even Na'Vi means native vine!) Okay I may be stretching a bit, but I am seriously asking...if anyone actually knows James Cameron (or James if you are reading this!) I would love some accurate insight. Because if he hasn't worked with the Medicine, he's sure aligned with her:)I'm heading into my third year of apprenticeship (back to Peru January 1) and this movie has single-handedly knocked out some matrixy bullshit that I forgot to ignore in being in the States too long lol - basically reminded me why I'm here and why I work with the Medicine. So I'm even MORE super psyched to get back into ceremony for a few months and get back to the real reality:) I'll be out in Iquitos if anyone is out that way the next few me (Meghan) love ya'll!Peace:)Meghan
Posted by Ayahuasca Meghan at 3:49 PM
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Anonymous said...
Hey there Meghan! just caught your blog because I noticed people were searching the internet for the ayahuasca connection and James Cameron's latest movie Avatar. I also made that connection and surmised that James Cameron was familiar with this plant and the shamans use of it. I like how you made the connection to Na'vi and native plant. I guess it is all speculation as to whether Cameron named the Na'vi after this plant but it is a good guess.Have a wonderful trip in Peru!If you would like to see my blog and my review go to:http://redpill8.blogspot.comBest ~ RP8
December 27, 2009 9:37 PM

Anonymous said...
Wow. I was so happy to see this post out there in cyber space. I just watched this show and thought all the same things. Glad to hear I'm not alone- but of course I'm not. Thank you sister.
December 28, 2009 12:44 AM

Anonymous said...
yeah I agree! I just got finished watching it. The WHOLE TIME I kept on thinking "this is aya". So many similarities. Even with the "now i feel more comfortable on this side of the dream" part. Just a really neat movie. I was thinking that maybe im just thinking about aya that much but to see this post reassures myself about what I was thinking about the movie and that it wasnt "just me"! thanks!
December 28, 2009 10:25 PM

Anonymous said...
I just commented but I wanted to share some similarities I notices as well. First of "aweh" and "aya" are very similar. Then they talk about the girls mom as being a spiritual guide "like a shaman" The beauty of nature definitely played a part as well. We all see differently after taking aya and in the movie the guy opens his eyes after experiencing aya aka the experience with nature and talking to it. The whole talk about the tree is definitely speaking about divinity along with what guides us and talks to us about it.(side note) I saw a documentary about the Mayans and how they used to do blood sacrifices by cutting their tongues then putting it on a basket and burning it and then out of the mouth of a snake the spirit of a past on relative appears. (phew run on) anyways so for me that also means that the tree of life which has a relationship to the past along with aya. I know im rambling just so excited about just watching this movie! great post! agree 100%
December 28, 2009 10:33 PM

Salomon Gill said...
Dear Meghan, Pandora really exists and has been in my Ayahuasca trips! This movie is our Mother Nature calling upon all of us! You are absolutely / 100% correct in your assessment. This is the sacred plant of Ayahuasca manifesting through its avatar James Cameron to bring awakening to humanity.Best,Salomon Gill
December 28, 2009 11:28 PM

Anonymous said...
After seeing the movie, I had to search the ayahuasca-avatar connection...It seems clear to me, but I am not sure if I am just looking through things through the medicine lens as you say...Either way, cool post...I agree with your insight.
December 29, 2009 12:39 PM

PaxRyan said...
Anybody else get a sense that maybe the only fiction in the movie is that Pandora is something other than Earth?
December 31, 2009 3:03 AM

Anonymous said...
funny that we are all here searching, after seeing avatar, what seems to be the underling symbols in this movie, and their relation to ayahuasca. Apparently the idea for the movie came in a "dream"...I was also struck by the "tree of souls" symbol, the twisted vine stock, and the general sense of what was going on in the film throughout. God bless Cameron for putting this out there, even if he had to couch it in symbols!
January 4, 2010 5:54 AM

L. Caruana said...
Congratulations - you're first place on google for the aya - avatar connection! This is something I also felt throughout the film, and would like to add a few more parallels:- Pandora and the Amazon: Our commerce & military-dominated 'civilization' enters a land of dense jungle vegetation that obviously parallels the upper Amazon - where the people can still connect to animals and plants, and have a special relationship with a sacred plant/tree.- The tree in Pandora called 'the tree of souls', which parallels ayahuasca as the 'vine of souls' (and through both, one may communicate with the ancestors).- The aesthetic of Pandora: in the film we often see glowing phosphorescent colours against a dark background - which strongly resembles certain ayahuasca realms. I invite you to check out this amazing Ayahuasca art collection at the link given above and make the connection. These Amazonian artists paint in phosphorescent colours on black backgrounds. The link: apologies for a facebook link, but the collection is really quite special).I send my deepest respect and highest intentions for your apprenticeship Meghan!
January 4, 2010 7:07 AM

Ricardo said...
Querida Meghan:Muy buena tu apreciación. Solo quiero agregar que en el mundo amazónico peruano el Ayahuasca tiene "madre"... los árboles y los animales tienen "madre"... los seres vivos tenemos "madre"... es imposible no relacionar Avatar con el Ayahuasca...Ricardo Virhuez
January 4, 2010 10:36 PM

Anonymous said...
I found this post because I too saw the connection and wanted to find if Cameron has had any experience with the medicine. There are so many parallels in the film. It seems obvious to me. The connection to nature and the sacred plants, the sacred deity Eywa - the spirit mother, and even the visuals and colorful landscapes throughout the film. I loved it. Cameron talks about consciousness and awareness and the hope that people might learn from the film see that we can adopt some of the best characteristics of man as portrayed in the film. I think he has journeyed. And it makes me excited for my next experience. Great film. Thanks for posting everybody. Blessings...
January 5, 2010 6:01 AM

SOA said...
There is a site dedicated to the movie Avatar and the parallels with Ayahuasca and other rituals.http://spiritofavatar.comAll are welcome to participate and post there story.
January 5, 2010 8:30 PM

Anonymous said...
well hello everybody out there... I too have just watched Avitar and Ive only read about ayawahska and have been interested in doing a journey so in that Ive talked to a few people about there experience and OH MY GOD While i was watching this movie I just new it was based on Ayawaska. No doubt in my mind. Of course I googled on the net and here i am with all of you who are also on to this connection. Thank you James! Hallaluya its becoming main stream to reach more consciousnes. I think its a good thing!
January 6, 2010 2:04 AM

Anonymous said...
Hi Megan, I am from Iquitos, so, if all circunstances match, is more than probabble that we met there. I will send u private email for coordinations.About the film, totally agree, for me this is a very close and real picture of madre planta.Is a calling form the mother earth to open our eyes and born that second time that they mention in the movie.Peace and courage for all people that still looks for the ligth.:)
January 8, 2010 10:03 AM

Ana Claudia said...
Hi Megan! I'm Brazilian and it's funny to see that many people around the world noticed this connection between the movie and Ayahuasca, there is no way to have other explanation for this, I agree with you completely. After I watched the movie I made a research on google "ayahuasca + avatar" and I was really surprised to see so many topics!Have a nice trip!
January 15, 2010 7:57 PM

Anonymous said...
in the script there is a dream session involving an which jaker gets his totem animal..the toruk;JAKE SITS, eyes closed, as Neytiri and another young hunterpaint his face and body in preparation for uniltaron -- theDream Hunt.NEYTIRIWhen your Spirit Animal comes, you willknow.Their eyes meet with emotion neither can conceal any longer.TIME CUT. GRACE stands with the crowd at the ramp toHOMETREE’S LOWEST LEVEL. Jake barely sees her as he goes downthe spiral. She tries to follow, but is barred by a hunter.BELOW, seemingly in the womb of the earth, Jake walks slowlyinto the center of a tight circle of seated elders andhunters. An ELDER is slowly rapping a large WATER DRUM.TIME CUT -- MO’AT purifies him with smoke from burning herbs,CHANTING in a low monotone. Jake, squatting, washes thesmoke over himself with his palms.MACRO - MO’AT’S FINGERS unwrap a piece of wood riddled withholes. She catches the end of a glowing purple WORM, anddraws it out of the wood.MO'AT(subtitled)Oh wise worm, eater of the Sacred Tree --bless this worthy Hunter with a truevision.85.MO’AT places the worm on Jake’s out-stretched TONGUE. Ittwists on itself, lighting his mouth before he closes it. Sheindicates he should chew. He does.MACRO -- AN EARTHEN JAR is opened. EYTUKAN removes awrithing black ARACHNOID, the Pandoran equivalent of ascorpion.He places it against the back of Jake’s neck and presses. Theinsect drives its stinger into Jake’s skin and --etc
January 16, 2010 3:40 AM

CaroLine said...
OMG !!!!!!!!!!! to read this feels so unreal to me ! i was jus looking up some info on ayahuaska and came across this blog !i jus watched the movie n after i said to my frnd hey i think james cameron is more than familiar wit ayahuaska and the line in the movie - what hv u guys been smoking was more than made my ears stand avatar style :D
January 17, 2010 4:39 PM

Anonymous said...
"the widsom of the ancestors connected in the network of the tree roots". Sounds like Iboga. I agree with the Ayahuasca connection also. I noticed that the movie had many different cultures represented by various aspects in the Na'Vi. I have seen the movie several times and each time I notice more cultures represented in the Na'Vi. So it would make sense that various aspects and wisdom of different plant medicines were also represented. Wisdom of the ancestors is very Iboga. Other aspects are very Ayahuasca. This movie reminds me of The Matrix. Each time I watch it, I get more things out of it.
January 26, 2010 6:30 PM

Adam T said...
Hey hey !I completely agree with all the connections with Mama Aya.For the Ayahuasca people (In which i feel included), it might seems like the movie has been made hand-in-hand with the ayahuasca medicine.But i want to point out that for the Amanita people, the same relations can be made.For the Sacred mushroom people, the same relations can be made.For the Iboga people, the same relations can be made.For the Peyote people, the same relations can be made again..For the Consciousness medicine people, the same relations can be made as well...etc etc etcWhat i want to say here is that maybe James Cameron doesn't even know about Ayahuasca.But one thing sure, the movie IS a MEDICINE by itself !!Every true medicine in the world, ayahuasca included, takes one to the source, and this opens this persons consciousness, so he sees all facets of reality, so his view becomes wide and not only in a straight line.And that there is not only Ayahuasca who can do this work, but many other plant medicines, but also many other consciousness medicines.And there are people who can tap into this source without the use of shamanic plants.So what i want to say here is that maybe the producers of this movie took ayahuasca and had visions about Pandora. But maybe they took Peyote and had these visions. Or maybe they tapped into the source to find these visions, or had this in a spiritual dream...But no matter from where it comes, there is absolutely no doubt that this movie comes from the same place than where the medicines brings us, it comes from the source; from the infinite source of wisdom. And that this movie is a medicine in it's own, a medicine addressed for everyone, for the wide mass of people across the world, and not only to a few people passionates of shamanic plants and called by the medicines !!!This movie is by far the best american movie made so far ! It's one of the most positive things i've seen done in America so far !!I see so many people coming out of this movie and actually realizing their connection with nature, their connection with themselves... They begin to realize how things are connected together, how the trees and the plants are living organisms.. I also see frustration about human behaviors, about human stupidity.. And this can be also very positive, this can trigger big changes in humanity..This movie helps to light-up consciousnesses all around the world!! WOW, WOW, WOW !!!Adam TI wish you the best times and ceremonies in Iquitos Meghan!!You emanate fabulous light around you, keep doing soon ! :-)Adam T
January 30, 2010 12:03 PM

Rosa Pikena said...
Hi, sister!Great post! I'm from Brazil and I sure share your thoughts. I guess "Avatar" is a "must see" for all of us who know the mysteries of the "Vine of The Souls"...Light, Peace and Love to you!
February 25, 2010 1:16 PM

Chloe said...
WOW im so happy I found this site, actually because I didn't realise how many people have actually experienced Aya or have knowledge of it! i have felt relatively alone in my experiences... There are sooo many beneficial things about Aya and the connection to nature ppl have experienced watching Avatar reminded me exactly of the way I felt after experiencing the vine of the souls. A deep connection to nature, a new ability to see the beauty in a sunset, and a new craving to feel alive, use the senses and experience exhilaration of survival...we are all animals, and our primal instincts tell us we belong in a natural environment!! I think Ayahuasca is on earth for a reason- it is like a messenger to remind us of the things Avatar has reminded us of. (no reason has been found for the plant to contain DMT?, no adaptive advantage?) It is there for us, our medicine! Please look into it, research it cos it isn't just a drug to have an awesome trip, but it is as lifechanging as Avatar :)
March 6, 2010 9:05 AM

Anonymous said...
For sure this Movie is talking about 'ayahuasca'... so many coincidence is not coincidence. Ivett R.
March 8, 2010 11:07 AM

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