Sunday, December 6, 2009

ayahuasca integration part II

The maestras as healers were channels and Isabel's vision of "we were all roots and the curanderas were at the bottom" to spread world wide. We are at the juncture of planetary transformation, and working with sacred plants is to bring light into the world.

Daniela, 43, from Holland, learned a lot from other people in the group
also. She thought that the plant puts the group together, so you can meet
certain people and experience certain situations, so that you can learn from
each other. "Ayahuasca calls everybody to work with her," and "if everyone
in the world did ayahuasca, the world would be an amazing place." Then she
added, with a laugh, "all politicians should be locked into the jungle for at
least a month!"
Isabel, 36 an actress from the USA, says, "I think spirit
guided me here, to where I needed to be, even without knowing it. I feel
really blessed to have found it, such an amazing community space. I have
seen more healing here than any other ayahuasa space, it is shocking, and it
will continue when people go home, which is amazing." During her process,
Isabel says, "I received information that my stomach was carrying negative
energy, which I did not realize before. I received such a powerful healing
one night in ceremony, it was so obvious I was being healed through the icaros
and the physical movements they did, it calmed it, and made me purge so to get
rid of it."
About the group experience, she remarks, "the difference
in people from when they arrived to when they left -- the lightness in people's
faces, the way they carry themselves, the love that these women emanated.
They were the channels from this amazing plant to us."
Another night she
had a vision, "that we were all roots, the curanderas were at the bottom and our
limbs were attaching to become a part of the root system to spread all over the

The Future is Bright
Many people had this vision
about the potential of ayahuasca, me included. Matthew concurs that
those who come to the Temple, "become fertilized with the seeds of light and
positive energy -- and return to the west newly fertilized, to raise awareness
and touch others with their light, and demonstrate the benefits of working with
sacred plants. If enough people do this, then real planetary change can be
affected." We are now at a great juncture of planetary transformation; we
do nothing and let the planet die, or we change. I hope to play a part in
this great mission and that when I return home and my friends and acquaintances
see the miraculous change in me, that they too will be inspired to change their
lives and become what they truly want to be. I feel great hope for the
planets future. And I honestly believe the
Temple of the Way of Light is birthing a whole
new world.
Aprile Blake
Peru, June 2009.

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