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AMIA Massacre and its overtones

Israeli Embassy Controls Buenos Aires City Hall
Eamonn McDonagh
on December 27, 2009
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Can a Jew initiate anti semitism out of his own mouth? The new brand of anti-semitism reeks of a blasting approach of mentioning Israel indiscriminately with any wrong doing just as Cato the Elder did and it's an automatic association with world corruption and the "Jewish conspiracy" whether the reference is justified or not. The ultimate anti-semitism! Condemnation by worthless and unsubstantiated charges.

Israeli Embassy Controls Buenos Aires City

Readers with good memories will recall
appointment of Jorge Palacios, a disgraced former Federal
Police officer to head the city of Buenos Aires’s first autonomous police force.
To put it mildly, it wasn’t an idea that prospered. Palacios was obliged to
resign when indicted on charges of being involved in the cover up of the
and is now in prison while being investigated on charges of
organizing illegal wiretaps.
Among those who had their phone conversations
illicitly listened in on was Sergio Burstein, a well known campaigner for
justice for the families of the survivors of the AMIA attack.
Verbitsky is a prominent Argentine journalist and impassioned supporter of the
government of Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner. He’s also the president of
CELS, a prominent
human rights NGO.
this interview he attributes the appointment to the influence
of the DEA, the American Embassy and, wait for it, the Embassy of Israel. Here
are the key quotes:
When he [Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri] explains why
he appointed him [Palacios] he says he asked the DEA, the American Embassy and
the Israeli Embassy for a candidate.
When he [Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio
Macri] created the Metropolitan Police he went to the DEA and Embassy of Israel
to look for a boss for it.
So now you know, the mayor of one of the
largest cities in South America was looking for a chief for a new police force
and one of the places he went looking for a good candidate was the Israeli
Embassy. And the Israelis, in their infinite cunning, suggested someone who was
then on the point being indicted for covering up the massacre of a large number
of Jews and has since been charged with tapping the phone of Sergio Burstein, a
Jew who has publicly pointed his finger at Iran and its local lackeys with
regard to AMIA massacre.

And no, there’s not a hint of antisemitism in
this. There can’t be because Verbitsky himself is Jewish and, therefore, nothing
he says can be so construed.

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1 Noga
Dec 27th, 2009 at 11:35 am
The Roman statesman Cato the Elder would always end his speeches with some variation of “Carthago delenda est” even if he had not been discussing Carthage in the speech.
It seems to me that the same rationale applies in the case of Israel. Just mention it in any discussion of corruption or wrong doing,or just anything negative, whether it makes sense or not is of little significance.

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