Friday, January 1, 2010

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever
An interesting series of events have come forward and it appears I will be moving out of Lima. I will be relocating to Iquitos, to my Peruvian jungle post Infinite Light, sure to continue the Mochican treatments, though to live life in a more heartfelt way.
The past year in Lima has been exciting, difficult, wildly unique and incredibly important. My physical growth has been substantial, however the lifestyle has been incredibly difficult. I have spent a lot of time in tears and prayer. The inability to find reliable assistance, a partial language barrier, cultural challenges and a few other issues are what urge me to continue from the jungle. I have observed and studied my treatments from a deep, personal perspective this year and strongly believe I understand them thoroughly. I have tuned into my access points, down to even the fingers, I feel confident to teach my treatments from the jungle.
Moving to Infinite Light by Meghan’s invitation was not easy for me to accept. In fact, I denied it to myself at first and turned it down, believing recovery was intended for Lima. Choosing to leave this city was a tough decision to reach. I really love and appreciate the clinic, my friends here are great, but staying in Lima was slippiing out of my hands. City living, in this chair, and often only us three girls has been indeed a project (Maybe I will rename this the and manifest ease?). I cycled through a series of confused inner questions searching for the “correct” rehabilitating decision… and got nowhere. I felt perplexed by this new door ajar. I swam upstream with my mind’s stubborn ideas and inventive forecasts only to feel exhausted and physically taxed.
So I surrendered, and to no better place but my glorious heart. By doing so, out flowed my familiar squirmy delighted behavior that arises when I fill with immeasurable excitement and overflowing love for God. Flooding thrill supported my choice. So grateful. So with this move I am joyfully receiving, yet another piece of Creation’s creative plan.
Life in the jungle will be drastically different, in the most helpful and salutary of ways. I will receive my help from many of Infinite Light’s apprentices. I can paint there and receive treatment. There will be an array of Amazonian plants, though predominantly ayahuasca. Sanango is also in much of their brew. Although I do not intend to drink ayahuasca nearly as often as ceremony is conducted, this medicine is a huge part of my recovery and life and I will continue with it. I see these two styles of treatments going hand in hand, merging an incredible balance of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. I look forward to writing more about this.
This move is a heart-centered decision. Infinite Light is an incredible center dedicated to plant medicine and healing. It is a strong community with wonderful intent. And it’s fun. Hard work, but a blast. I feel wholeheartedly that this choice is on path and that it is divinely guided. I can bring my treatments with me. I will return to Lima to reevaluate with either Maria Luz or Laura every few months.

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