Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ancient Aliens season 4 epiode 3

Season 4  Roswell NM 7-3-47 5  alien bodies discov   govt coverup  shipped to areas of classiied research
  1. -small caskets   coverup   called greys  who are they? what do they want w -us? sky gods visited us remote past   Kim Carberg 1988 abductions to alter our genetc code and interbreed?   Earliest depictions of sky gods  
  2. Iraq  Nineveh
  3. Annunaki  Sumer
  4. "Giants  Nephilim"
  5. Kachinas   Hopi lived w them and taught them
  6. elongated humaoid skulls   found near pyramids  world wide pheniomena  cross cultural
Mars  landing 73108  Nasa Phx lander   robotic spacecraft trced water--place in our folklore as sister planet  base for greys some escaped to earth?  Canals  cataclysm  life fled?  home to greys?

120511  Keplar 22b discoveries
pyramids  geometric grids  cnhb blt w prim tools  cross cultural o/s source from life sustaining planets

Reptilians  interbred w reptiles  legends Hopi trads  of flying serpents

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