Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Research on the Final Solution

Dr David Silberklang  Yad Vashem Studies    told story 8-1-41 Prippet Marshes   the final solution a developmental and slow process
change of orders   Oper Barbarossa   entd soviet union more thorough mass scale killing by 4 groups of Einsatzgruppen killing vans then 5th group added -anecdote of Jewis woman's letter to Judenrat to forward to forward to civilian authorities in Lublin permission to send for mother to care for her forwarded to population and welfare dept  (Richard Turk director) who approved permission to send for mother  ten days  3-10-42 to 3-20-42. Why so long ? ivilian administration busy coordinatng with SS in killing of Jews .Civilian adm planned and involved with the murders  coord w SS .  3-20-42 Maidanik blt near Lublin -deah train halted forced labor of young men--many civilian coordintors involved-a developing process-

Intentionalists v functionalists   Hiter decided to implement- no docs or orders ever found

Deception of the Jews  deliberate or incidental role of civilian bureaucracy

What can we glean from day to day oders of or given to field subordinates
Operation Barbarossa
  • deeply imbued with ideology "destroying Bolshevism (another denomination of the Jews)
  • Wehrmacht and SS negotiations
  • Wehrmacht to carve out jurisdictional space  for Einsatzgruppen or murder units
  • Wehrmacht logistically assisted sometimes with willing soldiers
  • before units arrived locals carried out pogroms aplenty  local initiative  larger slaughters later when 5th unit and local auxiliaries were attched to these  and other units   18,000-25,000 men entered into Soviet Union  task forces were aided and made murder possible by the aid of: locals:
  • local police and "neighbors"  (Nazis d have the manpower alone to do murders in number but supervised the willing locals --later witnesses to these collaborators  trials emerged after war
  • auxiliry units of  batallion size  ie Ukranian auxiliaries
  • When did murder go o/s Sovioet Union ? planned ? Romania- 280,000- > 400,000 Jews murdered
  • Croatia -agenda-4/41 Serbs   gypsies   Jews
  • Einsatzgruppe D Otto Ohlendorf
  • New East discussed in Reich  Wansee discussons  no emigration evacuation  1941
  • Odilo Globocnik ,Reinhard Heydrich, Wansee
  • SS police colonies settlements in East
  • Feasibility study by Odilo Globocnik ,Goering signed memo,
  • Wansee postponed and later resumed-Jewish ? to be exterminated like partisans w/no compassion

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