Monday, July 22, 2013

Back_to_1942 pt 2
Great epic movie and visuals....

A film that affects you, it is not for the timid. It is dark and grim and tells us about a horrendous event in WW2 that few of us knew about. Having been in a war, it shows the hopelessness and extreme fear that I have seen in the eyes of refugees fleeing war and death. The ineffectiveness and morent corruption that plaques the Governments and Armies of war torn countries is dramatically shown here. The best reason to see this film is to realize as an American how lucky we are that we have never been through anything as horrific as this in our countries history and that our problems as a nation and a people pale in comparison. I would have given it 5 stars, but because of the grim nature of the film, it seemed ludicrous to say I Loved It. I strongly recommend this film to all people to see and ponder the implications of war both on innocents and those that are not so innocent. As the young disillusioned priest said Why does it seem like the Devil always wins?

Not a movie that you "enjoy" but a picture of suffering, piled onto more suffering in a really no-win situation. War is "hell" and so are famines and both combined are almost unbearable. Might be a difficult watch for those less interested in history and how mankind has survived terrible moreies.

This is a very stark and factual account of the Henan Famine which took place in 1942. The government at the time, through denial and corruption, failed miserably to help aid millions of fleeing refugees and also tried covering it up. Around 3 million Chinese people starved to death. Theodore White, more played by Adrien Brody, was a photo journalist for Time magazine and took dozens of pictures which exposed this horrible situation to the world. He wrote about it in his 1946 book, "Thunder Out of China". This is a very dark period in China's history and this film certainly reflects that with complete candor. It shows in great and grisly detail the tremendous hardships and suffering the refugees endured during their plight to find food and shelter. Well worth a watch but don't look for any happy endings.

I gave it all the stars, 5 stars. because it was an excellent movie. It was extremely depressing because it portrayed realistically people dying, killing eachother, selling eachother, and of course corruption and evil. It also showed how some people shine in the middle of a war, starvation and moreter. Watch it for the education but NOT a feel-good movie. The movie-making itself and acting was superb.

This is a sweeping historical piece aptly described in the movie synopsis. As a movie, it does a good job in shifting between characters to show the larger picture at a government and world view, and the suffering and loss of the refugees by focusing on two family groups. Well made, and well paced for a fairly long movie. Robbins and Brody have only small roles in this, though Brody's character helped shape events historically as a Time magazine correspondent reporting the events. An interesting watch, especially for those with an interest in historical films

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