Monday, November 25, 2013


"Mentor's take the person under their wing to show them the ropes in the organization. What this means is mentor's share valuable information with their mentee and also recommend training and any other additional tools the mentor feels would be helpful to the mentee. Mentors are not limited to managers mentoring their employees, it can also be done with employee to employee to learn something specialized that another person in the organization would like to learn" Mentors do share valuable information on many levels, which include the emotive level which is a springboard,I believe, to opening greater portals of the mind to be receptive to other information by virtue of bonding with the present mentor.To learn specialty information is greatly facilitated when the emotive level is engaged here also. Mentoring can occur also by employee to employee by "fortuitous accident",although I believe there are no such type accident occurrences but by what used to be termed synchronous occurrences. Acausal psychic states , far fetched as may sound, as described below are ensconced in the process of mentoring on other levels enabling transfer of information of value. . Research by JB Rhine also indicate this level of experience enhancing receptivity and this level is enhanced by the mentoring process (my own thinking). Reference Nachman, Ginette,M.D., PhD. (2009). Clinical implications of synchronicity and related phenomena. Psychiatric Annals, 39(5), 297-299,302-308. Retrieved from In addition to believing that synchronicities represented a connection between an inner psychic state with one or more external events, Jung also believed that synchronicities were not bound by the constraints of space or time, that they were emotionally meaningful, that they occurred in a setting of activated archetypes, that they promoted individuation, and that they were "acausal" in nature.

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