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How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth(Kindle Edition)

I now have the kindle book by Wayne Brewer Due to the provocative nature of the contents of this book, the names of everyone involved in the healing sessions, except mine, have been changed for their protection and privacy. However, all of the stories related are true, and all the sessions, whether in-person or at-a-distance, were tape-recorded and transcribed to insure accuracy. You may find that you are having an adverse reaction of some kind—mental, emotional, or physical—right now as you are reading this, or you may find that you have a negative reaction as you try reading the rest of the book. That reaction may indicate you have entities of one type or another, which is all the more reason for you to continue reading so you can learn more and find out what to do about them. Always remember that the darkness is no match for the Light. Light always defeats darkness. Don’t despair, and don’t let any of these entities control you any longer. Some of the events and experiences you will read about took place only a few months prior to the book’s publication. My learning and understanding have continuously evolved over the course of several years. One thing has led to or built upon another, and each new discovery has broadened my understanding even as it has raised more questions. I don’t expect this progression to stop upon publication of this book. If you are interested in keeping up with new information as it is revealed to me, you can sign up for my free periodic newsletter by visiting my website, I especially want to give thanks to the Arcturians, who have been the greatest transforming influence in my life. They gave me this message to pass along to all of you: We lovingly suggest you set your ego aside and read through this document quickly but with an open mind. Then go back and reread it slowly, with an open heart, to reap the fullest benefit both for yourself and for your beloved planet Earth. Listen to your intuition and you will know without a shadow of a doubt the truth that is revealed within these pages. NOT THE ANCIENTS BUT ANCIENTS Introduction There’s a forested place in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere, where I’ve been going camping for at least 20 years. I take a lot of photographs, but this is the only campsite photo I’ve ever framed, and for years I’ve kept it near me on my desk: red rock overlook and scraggly vegetation in the foreground, blue mountains in the distance, and in the middle, a valley under a blue sky filled with puffy clouds. There isn’t really anything special about this particular location; I just like it. It makes me feel good. I used to take my kids there, and now I visit it every once in a while, often by myself. Being in the mountains or the forest recharges me, so I go there to relax for a day, sometimes longer. On July 18, 2009, I decided to camp up there overnight. I’ve never encountered any other people in the area—only bears and other animals—so I always take a gun with me. In fact, I’ve never gone into the wilderness without taking one. But while I was packing for the trip, I was about to get my gun when a telepathic message came through loud and clear: Don’t do it! I had no idea why I wasn’t supposed to take it, but I left the gun behind. At the campsite that evening, I was sitting in a little chair, trying to finish the book I was reading about how to release discarnate spirits and send them to the Light. It was hot, and there was barely a breeze to disturb the peaceful nature of the place—that is, until a huge Black Angus bull wandered into a meadow down in the valley, bellowing and bellowing, looking for some cows and calves. I was raised on a farm and have been around farm animals all my life. I’d never heard a bull bellow as loudly and insistently as that one did, and I wondered why it was behaving that way. Before the bull had even shown up, I’d already been feeling a lot of extraordinary energy. I also suddenly felt cold and had to put on a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket even though the temperature was nearly 80 degrees. The sun was setting, but there was still enough light to read by so I went back to my book. When I glanced up briefly, I looked right back down again and said to myself, “I didn’t see that.” But what I had seen standing out there in the meadow, staring at me and waiting—they were obviously waiting for me—were maybe a hundred beings. They were not in human form, not even in physical form. I could only see them from about mid-thigh up. I couldn’t see them touching the ground. It was as though they were manifesting just enough of themselves to make me aware of them. Somehow I managed to convince myself I had not seen them. I was nearly at the end of the book so I continued reading until the sun went down and I couldn’t read anymore. I didn’t give the startling vision another thought. Sometime around nine o’clock, I closed the book, looked up, and said, “Oh, my God.” These beings had filled the entire meadow as if they were an audience waiting for a rock concert to begin. They just stared at me; nobody even waved a hand. Then it dawned on me that it was the book I’d been reading that had called them in. Let’s go to the Light. It’s time to go to the Light. And somehow I knew exactly what to do. My guides led me through it. I stood up and declared the area holy ground. Then I created a vortex, which is like a swirling shaft of light, but more powerful, and these beings started going up into the vortex. As I continued to hold the vortex open, I heard the message, “They’re coming from 30 miles around.” So I called them in. “Anybody else? Anybody else?” After most of them had gone, I happened to look up about 30 feet in the air, and there was another one heading straight for that vortex, floating through the trees in a running position. As soon as he got to the vortex, he went straight up, too. When I asked how many there were, my guides said, “2,000,” which seemed about right to me. When they were all gone, I asked, “Who were they?” The guides only gave me a one-word answer, “ancients.” Not “the ancients,” but “ancients.” I had no idea what they meant, and I still don’t. Maybe they were Anasazi ancients—or even ancestors of the Anasazi. I guess that’s not something I need to know. But even now I feel some of their appreciation at being able to go to the Light—finally, after all this time. Later I realized that if I’d taken my gun with me, this probably wouldn’t have happened. They wouldn’t have shown themselves to me. That wasn’t the kind of energy that was needed for this particular mission—a mission I didn’t even know I was going out there to accomplish. That was the first time I created a vortex, and I’m not sure who was helping me then. I didn’t yet know the Arcturians, but perhaps they were already guiding me. Chapter 1 Tapped In, Tuned In, Turned On Leaving My Comfort Zone I’ve been in the investigative business for over 35 years. In the course of conducting an investigation, I collect information from as many reliable sources as possible, as well as from my own physical observations. Then I report the facts to the client and let the client draw his or her own conclusions. That’s the world I’ve been at home in, the world of logic and so-called objective reality. So to say I was skeptical about some of the non-rational experiences I began having would be a huge understatement. But one incident finally made it crystal clear to me that I could no longer discount these personal experiences or explain them away logically. In November 2008, I was working in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Ike had struck Galveston that September. I’d been there about a month, putting in a lot of hours every day with no time off. When I wasn’t working, I was reading. I’d begun meditating earlier in the year, and at that time I was reading about the Law of Attraction 1 One night in my hotel room, I was sitting up in bed with a book when my left arm began quivering. At first, that didn’t seem at all unusual. I had been in a skiing accident in 1992 and fractured my left humerus and the ball of my shoulder socket in twelve places. Ever since, my arm twitches or quivers periodically, especially when I’m doing what I call decompressing—trying to relax after a period of working non-stop. That’s only one of the physical injuries I’ve had, almost all of them on the left side of my body. The summer before starting kindergarten, I was helping out on the family farm moving bales of hay when my left hand got caught in a pulley. The accident nearly took my little finger off, and to this day, the joint won’t bend due to the calcification. A few years ago, I ran into an old acquaintance who remembered my hand had been bandaged when I’d started kindergarten. He wanted to look at it, so I showed him the scar across my palm. As far as the shoulder injury was concerned, I’d been to see all kinds of conventional and alternative medical practitioners about it over the years, including medical doctors, a naturopath, several chiropractors, and various massage therapists. One said one thing; another said something else. But I’d always assumed there was a neurological basis for the twitching. But then, all of a sudden in that Houston hotel room, my arm flailed back and forth in a wide arc as if it were waving. The force was so strong it actually pulled me across the bed! I had no idea what was happening. The only thing I was certain of was that the cause couldn’t possibly be neurological. Shortly after that, I left Houston and returned home to Albuquerque. I wanted to get back to see my good friend, Carmen, who was experiencing some medical problems. Carmen had introduced me to the book The Secret2 and had played a significant role in starting me on this journey. Although I didn’t know exactly what her medical problems were, somehow I knew I could help her. I wasn’t sure how or why I could help; I just knew I could. I had a very strong feeling that I needed to lay my hands on her back. When I saw Carmen and placed my hands on her back, the energy that went through me was so intense she thought I was going to have a heart attack. I could barely handle that much energy then. Although at the time I didn’t fully understand what had happened, I did know some kind of healing had taken place with her. Of course, I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand what was going on. Consulting a Psychic Even before I went to Houston, my curiosity had been piqued by some of my experiences and the metaphysical books I’d been reading. I’d gone as far as making an appointment with a well-known Albuquerque psychic and channel. I hadn’t actually met her, but I’d known of her for years. She holds weekly channeling sessions at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, and I’d attended two or three times just to observe. During the sessions, she channels her spirit guide, Orion, and then invites people to ask her questions. I had never participated or even spoken to her. After the sessions, while everyone else was lining up to talk to her or give her a hug, I was heading out another door. But I’d look over at her, and we’d exchange glances and nod at each other. That was the extent of our interaction. It was after checking out the channeling sessions that I’d made my appointment with her, but I’d had to cancel it to go to Houston. So as soon as I returned home, I scheduled another appointment. My first meeting with her was as confusing and disconcerting as it was revealing. She seemed to assume I knew a lot more than I did at the time. Right from the beginning, I’ve been playing catch-up in the metaphysical realm—first having experiences I can’t explain and then doing the research to try figure out what they mean. She let Orion talk to me for about 30 minutes. Orion, a collective consciousness that vibrates at a higher level than we humans do, kept addressing me as “John.” “We’re so happy to be able to reconnect with you, John.” I’m not entirely clear about this, but Orion suggested I may have a connection with John the Baptist. Orion also told me a great deal about my personal history and relationships, including several past lives, and confirmed that my friend Carmen and I have known each other over multiple lifetimes, which explains the close bond we have. What I really wanted to find out about was what was going on with my arm. Was there some kind of healing energy in it, as I suspected? Orion said yes, but his answer went beyond that. Orion told me I would be performing miracles in three months. Miracles? Me? That was just too far-fetched. I couldn’t buy it. Orion said that at first I wouldn’t believe the things that would happen. I’d be astounded. Well, that part has certainly turned out to be true. I have definitely been astounded—more and more so every day. Learning to Channel and Meeting My Guides In spite of my strong skepticism, less than a month later, I started taking the first of a series of three channeling classes. In the first class, C1, you go into a light trance, a channeled state, to find out who your three main guides are, and you learn how to connect with them. You get out of your head, out of your ego, and drop into your heart: tapped in, tuned in, turned on is what I call it. But I already knew who one of my guides was. During my first meeting with the psychic, when she told me I would be an excellent candidate for channeling, I blurted out, “Who’s Raphael?” That name had been coming up in my mind for a long time. There’s a little town south of Grants, New Mexico called San Rafael, and every time I’ve driven past it, I’ve always noticed how good I feel. San Rafael is also the name of the street that goes up to my house. I had always felt Raphael was with me, but I’d thought he was simply a guardian angel or something like that. It wasn’t until the C1 class that I learned he is actually an archangel.

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