Sunday, February 2, 2014

Arcturians common faq's

Arcturians common faq's Who are Jesus, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael? Jesus Christ is most widely known as the Son of God or as an Ascended Master. He loves all humanity unconditionally and will assist you without regard to your belief in or dedication to him. Archangel Raphael not only assists in entity removal, he is a great healing force that helps you reprogram the negativity left behind by the entities that have been removed. Archangel Michael is a protective Warrior Angel who forcibly removes entities that are unwilling to leave. He also cuts any cords that anchor you to negative people, places, or things and prevent you from moving forward in your life. Who are the Arcturians? The Arcturians are highly-advanced Fifth Dimensional extra-terrestrials from Arcturus, a star in the Bootes Constellation. Although very powerful, they are also very loving and wonderful healers and are here to help heal planet Earth by removing alien Reptilians and sending them to the Light. As Beings in the Light, the Arcturians work closely with the Ascended Masters, like Jesus. They are presently assisting us in ascending to the Fifth Dimension by decreasing human negativity—much of which is caused by alien Reptilians—and exchanging it for Love and Light. The Arcturians are ready to educate, heal, and help raise the vibration of any soul longing for peace and harmony. What is channeling? Channeling is a spiritual means of telepathic communication with energies from other dimensions. If it is done with the proper protection, channeling is a safe way to access the frequencies of Higher Realms, including Universal Divine Energy and the energies of my multi-dimensional guides to remove entities and generate healing called a Divine Healing. What is an entity? An entity is a non-physical being that is able to attach to or enter the physical body of its host or hostess. Entities can be attachments; the lost, disembodied spirits of the deceased (discarnates); demonic (dark-force) in nature; or alien Reptilians. Whether or not they intend to, they always cause harm and suffering. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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