Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Even in real life you don't know what it was like when they met. Look up Jerzy Bielecki (his real name). Her real name is Cyla Cybulska. After the war Bielecki received the Righteous Among the Nations award and became an honorary citizen of Israel. He also co-founded and headed the postwar Christian Association of the Auschwitz Families. Cyla died in 2006. He died in Nowy Targ on 20 October 2011. He also has an autobiography. Maybe there is more information in there

I noticed right off the bat that the people depicted in this story are Jehovah's Witnesses by their purple triangles. And the ones with the yellow triangle and purple over it are Witnesses of Jewish heritage. That being said this story is therefore false and cannot be taken as serious. The Witnesses that were put into Nazi concentration camps had extremely high morals. All these men and women had to do was sign a document denouncing their faith and they would have been set free. Yet thousands of them would not do this and would rather be put into death camps than turn their back on their religion. Considering that they would go to such lengths to keep their faith in tact it seems completely unlikely that they would endure horrible treatment only to commit sins that go against their beliefs. Records and accounts from SS officers in the camps tell us that these men and women were dedicated to their faith and none of them attempted escape or caused any type of disturbance. Then you might reason that this is only a story about love enduring in difficult times. To which I would reply that if one wants to tell a story such as that, then perhaps they should have chosen a different setting. By using this time and place in history and depicting the people as something that they were not, as historical and personal account will testify, they are in fact insulting the people that lived through this horrific event and demeaning the stance that they took on behalf of their faith. Again history being altered to fit into the mold of Hollywood.

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