Monday, September 22, 2014

The process of change

If you are experiencing change, here is some good advice.
Price Pritchett, the CEO of a firm that specializes in organizational change, shares the following about being a change agent:

Control your attitude.  Controlling your emotions increases your control over the situation.

Take some ownership of the changes.  If the company is changing, you probably need to be changing too.

Choose your battles carefully.  Problems are a natural side effect of the change process.

Be tolerant of management mistakes.  Management has to make some tough decisions, and it's impossible to keep everyone happy.

Keep your sense of humor.  Humor is healing.

Don't let our strengths become weaknesses.  You're either part of the solution, or part of the problem.

Practice good stress management techniques.   

Support higher management.  Odds are they are being as open and straightforward as the situation permits.

Invent the future instead of trying to redesign the past.  What's necessary is to make the changes work.

I do believe choosing one’s battles in the change process determines what future problems will   arise affecting  future forecasting  and we craft our own problem scenarios as well as creative solutions. Humor is per se the best type of stress management.  I believe we can reinvent our entire personalities and do not believe personality is not fluid and thereby inflexible. All of my remarks are pertinent  to succession planning  in its largest sense.

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