Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UNIT 731

Horrors of unit 731  bio warfare from living survivors who were participants
Testimony of those interviewed
injected living humans with bubonic plague and other viruses
vivisections  victims unrecognizable
testimony of Ken Yuasa
1939-45  at least 7000 POA's   from China ,Soviet  Union, and Korea were forced experimental subjects
Biowarfare planned and executed-

  1. Over 20 provinces in China affected
  2. 270,000 lives claimed
  3. over 2.37 million have been plague infected 
  4. Lt Gen Ishii never prosecuted, neither was Emperor Hiro Hito 
  5. US government kept this secret for years after the war
  6. Headquartered in Pingfan in Harbin with many other satellite facilities in Manchuria where US military prisoners at Mukden,etc were experimental subjects
  7. Note book The Fallen

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