Friday, December 4, 2015

Summer With My German Soldier 1978

+CREEPER TNT PLAYER Unfortunately young girls or women of that time were called Nazi lovers and whores if they were caught with a German soldier.But i am certain that some Germans were good and sometimes more human than American and french people. I watched recently a french movie whose title is "Suite française".It is about the love between a french woman Lucille and a German officer Bruno who was a pianist and the woman in the movie was considered a whore because she had feelings for the officer.

This film somehow missed my radar all through the years, but it's exceptionally well done. Bruce Davison is completely convincing in his role; his German accent is spot on. When I was younger, I never really liked Kristy McNichol, but now I realize it was probably only juvenile envy. We're only a couple of years apart agewise, and likely as a teenager I was envious of all she had already accomplished at such a young age. I can appreciate in retrospect what a talented actress she was. She had fantastic range and seemed completely convinced of her capacity and abilities even as a very young person. This particular performance, along with her appearance in the television film "Love Mary," really showcase her capabilities. Thank you for sharing this excellent film.

Patty's father hated her because when she was born he said that she looked just like her grandmother. Her father's mother didn't show him any affection and was cruel to him so he carried on with the cruelty. Like the saying goes "The sins of the father."

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