Sunday, December 27, 2015

Grizzly Adams 15 - Survival

Published on Aug 17, 2012
Robbie Cartman (John Bishop) comes to the cabin to visit with his sick, pet deer, Ginger hoping that Adams (Dan Haggerty) will be able to make her well again.

Adams goes up to the mountains to find an herbal medicine for the ailing deer and is injured in a fall causing a complete loss of memory. He wanders the mountains in a daze, unaware that he is stalked by both a hungry cougar and an even greater danger...a bounty hunter!! Near tragic results come from this amnesia as Adams almost shoots his friend, Ben, and leaves Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) tied up to a tree not recognizing either of them. With the help of Ben his memory soon returns and he decides to still find the herb medicine before going home. This worries Mad Jack because the famous bounty hunter, Sam Steel (James Wainwright) is still on the trail of Grizzly Adams. When Adams returns to the cabin he finds that Sam Steel has been sent up the river by Mad Jack. He was told that Adams had been killed and dumped into the river by Mad Jack and to go up there and find his remains. 

It was refreshing to know that good friends were by Adam's side and they would never let him down. With the support of them he could stay in the mountains he had come to love and neither amnesia nor a bounty hunter would ever change that.

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