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Published on Aug 18, 2012
The friendship Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) treasured most in the world, that which he had with Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty), was about to be put to the test. Returning from the settlement and hoping to make it to the cabin for his birthday, Mad Jack was stricken with the fever that had been going around at the fort. When his burrow, Number Seven, began to look like a goose, he knew that the fever had set in fully. He started imagining that he was Brett Carson, the world's greatest bounty hunter and that he was going to capture James Capon Adams. Adams was busy at the pond and did not know that of all people, Brett Carson (Mad Jack) the bounty hunter was after him. Nakoma (Don Shanks) and Adams were going about their business in the usual manner except that they were planning a surprise birthday party for Mad Jack. When they returned to the cabin and put everything together for their friend, they heard a voice outside. Adams was sure it was Jack but the voice announced that it was "Brett Carson".

After Brett arrests Nakoma, there was an unexpected surprise in store for him. Nakoma jumps into his Indian dancing act while Adams throws Brett into the pond. It was a worthwhile trick as Adams and Nakoma were very thankful that the man who came out of the water was again their good friend, Mad Jack, wet and mean as ever, but it was still Mad Jack.

When Mad Jack heard what he had done, he was surprised he still had friends. As Adams said, "That's what real friends are for, having patience and understanding when things go wrong"

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