Friday, January 1, 2016

Grizzly Adams 12 - Home of the Hawk

Published on Aug 17, 2012
A tough old settler named Metcalf (Jack Kruschen) and his daughter Deborah (Margaret Willock) travel west into the rugged mountain territory. Their wagon becomes stuck in a muddy river and Metcalf gets trapped in the water when the wagon rolls back onto his leg. Ben helps Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) rescue the settler by pushing the wagon out of the mud.

While Metcalf lets his leg mend at Adam's cabin, Deborah befriends a wounded hawk that Adams is caring for. Her father continually badgers her about keeping away from the animals and staying close to the cabin. But Deborah has a longing to learn more about the wilderness, so she joined Adams and Ben on a hike into the mountains to pick berries.

When Metcalf fins out that his daughter has gone off with Adams, unescorted, he becomes angry. Deborah and Adams return, and Metcalf orders his daughter inside.

The next morning, Deborah slips away at sunrise and takes the hawk into the forest to explore. She is followed by a hungry wolf, who chases her into a rock canyon, trapping her on a high boulder. Adams and Ben arrive in time to rescue Deborah from the wolf.

Metcalf learns an important lesson; that if he wants to have his daughter's love and respect, he must let her be free, like the hawk...otherwise she may leave and never return.

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