Saturday, March 5, 2016

The nature of Children how they act

The nature of Children how they act  (0 replies)
Posted by: Edward Yablonsky
Date: 3/5/2016 2:52:18 PM NEW!Reply

I found Prof  Whalen's comments on the nature of children intriguing and spurred what was subliminally mind present to me and completely clarified  what Yeshua' s aphorism stated about that unless you became as a little child, you would no wise enter the kingdom of heaven, that plenum of many mansions. Children have the imagination and predisposition of the just and the fair, the prerequisite to enter those mansions.They are more prone to risk taking and adventure and to accept the out of the box mode that we have outgrown in our false sense of sophistication and immaturity.In our ambiguous blissof our own adult self created mazes, we will have much difficulty in resuscitating the maturity  and mysterious imagination of the child.We cannot be Christ like in the safety of the provincial lives most of us glory in .

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