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ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out

Published on Oct 7, 2015
UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®!) This fascinating documentary was created by Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Bill Cote who brought us The Mystery of the Sphinx, The Mysterious Origins of Man and The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru, all available for viewing at UFOTV® here on YouTube. In this film, Native American Tribal Leaders speak out for the first time about their secret knowledge of The Star People, knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years. It was revealed in a dream among Tribal Elders that now was the time for the Tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of The Star People: the visitors from other worlds. In this film you will meet people with first-hand experience with ETs, and hear amazing stories of the unknown, and witness for yourself, a mysterious event which occurred in the skies: for some, a visible sign from the Star People that we are not alone.

Aage1523 weeks ago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
This is something I have heard many times, that - if Aliens exist, then religion will suffer.      Why?     Both "The Gods" .. and "GOD" .. is far beyond both Aliens and Humans.    If "The Gods" and "God" is defined as Aliens - it (religion) will .. of course suffer ...... but then it will suffer - as a result of a wrong definision.      "God" and "The Highest Gods" (how "far down it" goes, I am not sure of) is in "The Universe of Universes".   So it is a pitty that - "A High Technological People" shall be considered Gods - as they are not.  

role in ordinary religions
abduction experiences -abductees probed ET's they slowly introduce themselves

role of Defense Intelligence Agency
scientific remote viewing
expansion of consciousness in the emerging new 5th age or world
LUNAR cycle Steven Star Sparks
1989 BK The Mayan Factor:Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles
Museum of Time Geneva Switzerland
Drunvalo Melchizedek Schumann Resonance
Earth's magnetic fields dropping--Earth and weather changes-magnetic field dropped at time of Jesus

Indian prophecies
Standing Elk Lina White Wolf visitation of the Pleiadians-sacred corn dance Floyd Hand Oglala
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Drunvalo Melchizedek Rod Chanandoah Blackfoot Oneida Medicine Man
ABDUCTIONS contacts? Barbara Marciniak Bringers of the Dawn
Man's Origins creation of a hybrid race?
Robert Dean Multidimensional intelligence created hybrids crystal skull phenomenon Joke Van Dieten and Mitchell Hedges Skull

Coverup and hidden history Richard Boylan

CROP circle Circle of Life Ancient Wisdom Circle in the sky

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