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  • Aired in United States January 8, 1989
  • Aired in United States January 9, 1989
  • Previous title: "Pursuit."
  • Began shooting August 23, 1988.

    Brief Synopsis

    A two-part miniseries about an S.S. engineer who, in the waning days of the Third Reich, undergoes plastic surgery and becomes a concentration-camp prisoner to avoid prosecution as a war criminal. In an ironic twist of fate, he is shipped to the wrong camp and forced to live with those he has victimized, where he learns to respect them. After the war, he becomes involved in the founding of Israel, marries and fathers a son, who eventually stumbles across his identity 20 years later.

SS-Lieutenant Colonel Helmut Von Schreader conceives an unusual plan to escape the aftermath of the Second World War by disguising himself as a Jewish Concentration Camp victim. Under the alias of Ben Grossman, Von Schreader is liberated from the camps and immigrates to Palestine where he joins the Zionist movement. Twenty five years later, living as a hero of Israel and a General in the Israeli Army, the underground SS organization ODESSA locates Von Schreader and orders to him to again serve the cause of the Third Reich.

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