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The Day Christ Died

The Day Christ Died is a 1980 American TV movie directed by James Cellan Jones. The collaborative production by 20th Century Fox and CBS-TVdramatizes the last 24 hours of Jesus Christ's life and is based on Jim Bishop's 1957 book of the same name.[1] Bishop, who did not accept the script adaptation, had his name removed from the credits, called the film "cheap revisionist history", and even tried unsuccessfully to change the film's title.[2]The Day Christ Died was filmed in Tunisia, at a cost of USD$2.8 million.[3] It was broadcast by CBS-TV on Wednesday, March 26, 1980.[4]


The Day Christ Died
The Day Christ Died.jpg
Directed byJames Cellan Jones

Selected filmography[edit]

Written byEdward Anhalt
James Lee Barrett
Music byLaurence Rosenthal
CinematographyFranco Di Giacomo
Distributed byCBS
Release dates
  • 1980
CountryUnited States
[FIRST Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author:Alex Keneas Newsday
Date:Mar 26, 1980
Start Page:1
Abstract (Document Summary)
Martin Manulis, who produced the movie, puts it this way: "If you're getting into documentation, the Gospels were written years after Jesus' life . . . Is it not odd that something as crucial as the midnight trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin is mentioned in Luke, Mark and Matthew, but not in John? There could also be such discrepancies in historical record."
Judas, too, has been reinterpreted. Manulis says, "We've learned that 30 pieces of silver was not a great deal of money, and if he came from a family of leather workers, he would be rather well off. What made Judas turn? If you follow a leader who then disappoints you, you can easily become disenchanted. We decided that he lost his belief in Jesus as the Messiah, because Jesus wouldn't fight the Romans." Some Bible scholars agree.
In the traditional scenario, the Sanhedrin deliver Jesus to a [Pilate] who's more perplexed than anything else. (That's the way Rod Steiger played him in Zeffirelli's epic "Jesus of Nazareth.") Here it's not so much the formal Sanhedrin that condemns Jesus for blasphemy, punishable by death, instead it's a kangaroo court. Nicodemus and other members who would be sympathetic to Jesus have been kept out.
This is the most depressing film on Jesus Christ that I already viewed. 

Not only the most depressing, but I force (I don't eat Passion of the Christ of Mel Gibson, it is clear). 

Until today I don't understand which was the intention of the producing of do a film as this, different from all the other films on Christ done already. 

Here in this film Jesus (Chris Sarandon) it is just shown as human man, and no divine, that it is determined until the end in accomplishing his/her mission. 

It is also with physical lines (little accepted by most of the people) like Jesus it was very probably: a brunet man, of dark brown eyes, of rustic appearance, and not of hair blond or brown clear, of delicate face and of blue eyes as most imagines, in short, in this film Jesus is shown as a natural man from Palestine of the first century of ours was and not with European lines, as they were Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus in "Jesus of Nazareth" and of "King of Kings."

And he was not shown like a solemn Jesus, reverent as it was in the other films, but a more human Jesus totally naked of any divinity. 

The same I say of Last Supper scenes and prayer in the garden of Gethsemani. 

In the scenes of the judgment, of the flagellation, Jesus is treated with such a ferocious hate shown never in other films.

Jesus is viewed as somebody that has be punished severely and dead the more quickly in a more intense way than in other films. 

I remember of the scene, in that Caiaphas tells Jesus soon at the end of the judgment: "And you don't forget that you are a Jew! "

It is also of the scenes In that king Herod says for Jesus: "You are not a king of anything!!! Monarch of anybody!!! That more ridiculous king you would be!!!! " 

And all make fun of Jesus. 

Before "Passion of the Christ" of Mel Gibson, this had been the most violent film on the last of Jesus that it had already viewed. In this film Jesus is treated with end hate, contempt and ridiculed in such a cruel and merciless way that he left me very impressed and it finishes completely defeated, treated as the vilest and despicable of all the criminals.

I didn't like one bit of this film. 

This film is very depressing, revolting and sad...

Description: Runtime: 142 min || Country: USA || Language: English || Color: Color (DeLuxe) || Sound Mix: Mono

Chris Sarandon - Jesus Christ Colin Blakely - Caiaphas; Eleanor Bron - Mary; Barrie Houghton - Judas; Hope Lange - Claudia; Jonathan Pryce - Herod; Jay O. Sanders; Keith Michell - Pontius Pilate


Gianni Quaranta - Art Director, James Cellan Jones - Director, Barry Peters - Editor, Martin Manulis - Executive Producer, Laurence Rosenthal - Composer (Music Score), Lionel Newman - Musical Direction/Supervision, Tarak Ben Ammar - Production Designer, Franco di Giacomo - Cinematographer, Martin Manulis - Producer, Edward Anhalt - Screenwriter, James Lee Barrett - Screenwriter

Where's the final 14 minutes of the film?  Why would you cut off the last quarter hour of this film?  The run time for this video is 2:22 total and all you have here is 2:08 so, you're missing 14 minutes of the film???

+Guitcad1 Thank you so much Guitcad1 That answers many's questions
Brian Guinan 
This film is also available on YouTube in four separate segments. By viewing it that way you will see the entire production. If you enjoyed this you should check out, if you haven't already, the BBC production Passion starring Joseph Mawle (2008).

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