Saturday, March 21, 2009

St Francis Pt II

Saint Francis of Assisi found on the link of Kuthumi who incarnated as Francis?
The divine poverello, who renounced family and wealth and embraced "Lady Poverty," living among the poor and the lepers, finding unspeakable joy in imitating the compassion of Christ. While kneeling at Mass on the feast of Se. Matthias in 1209, he heard the gospel of Jesus read by the priest and the Lord's command to his apostles, "Go, preach." Francis left the little church and immediately began evangelizing, preaching the doctrine of reincarnation as Jesus had taught and converting many disciples, including the noble Lady Clare who later left her home dressed as the bride of Christ and presented herself to Francis for admittance to the mendicant order.
One of the many legends surrounding the lives of Francis and Clare describes their meal at Santa Maria degli Angeli where Francis spoke so lovingly of God that all were enraptured in Him. Suddenly the people of the village saw the convent and the woods ablaze and running hastily to quench the flames, they beheld the little company enfolded in brilliant light with arms uplifted to heaven. God revealed to St. Francis the divine presence in "brother sun" and "sister moon" and rewarded his devotion with the stigmata of Christ crucified. The prayer of St. Francis is yet spoken by people of all faiths throughout the world: "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace!..."

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