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Great White Brotherhood Karl von Eckartshausen The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary council of Light

These are a secret organization of mystics, enlightened super normal and superior beings guiding the spiritual development of the race since the time of Atlantis from all tongues and kindreds .the 144,000 as described in the Book of Revelation. The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary was the pioneering work and written by Karl von Eckartshausen. This body was active after their deaths in their mission to spiritually evolve our race on Earth. Are they the Communion of Saints as alluded to in Christian literature? I think so. They are enlightened Ascended Masters, mystical or magic adepts I have alluded to in other posts. Other and numerous works and movements have encompassed them which are listed below but not limited to these:

  • The Mahatma Letters 1881 revealed to Alfred Percy Sinnett

  • HP Blavatsky The Theosophical Society Isis Unveiled Masters of the Hidden Brotherhood or Mahatmas

  • The Sinnett letters proposed the doctrine of reincarnation. This is not new as ,I believe,Pythagoras postulated the Transmigration of Souls, and also Isaac Luria has long since taught through his scribe IBBUR ha Gilgulim or soul attachment, a slightly different understanding of soul attachment.

The idea of a secret organization of enlightened mystics,
guiding the spiritual development of the human race, was pioneered in the late
eighteenth century by Karl von
in his book The
Cloud upon the Sanctuary
; Eckartshausen called this body of mystics, who
remained active after their physical deaths on earth, the "council of light".[2][3]
Eckartshausen's proposed communion of living and dead mystics, in turn, drew
partially on Christian ideas such as the Communion of the
, and partially on previously circulating European ideas about secret
of enlightened, mystical, or magic adepts typified
by the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati.[4]
The Mahatma Letters began
publication in 1881 with information purportedly revealed by "Koot Hoomi" to Alfred Percy
, and were also influential on the early development of the
tradition. Koot Hoomi, through Sinnett, revealed that high ranking members of
mystic organizations in India and Tibet were able to maintain
regular telepathic contact with one
another, and thus were able to communicate to each other, and also to Sinnett,
without the need for either written or oral communications, and in a manner
similar to the way that spirit mediums claimed to
communicate with the dead. The letters published by Sinnett, which proposed the
controversial doctrine of reincarnation, were said
to have been revealed through this means.[5]
idea was expanded in the teachings of H.
P. Blavatsky
as developed by . Blavatsky,
founder of the Theosophical
, attributed her teachings to just such a body of adepts; in Isis
, she called the revealers of her teachings the "Masters of the
Hidden Brotherhood" or the "Mahatmas". Blavatsky claimed
that she had made physical contact with these adepts' earthly representatives in
Tibet; but also, that she continued to receive teachings from them through
psychic channels, through her abilities of spirit mediumship.[6]

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