Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pans Twitter and superficial modern "connections"

Pans Twitter and superficial modern "connections"

see my l;inked comments.

Here is my quoted words

I love technology and gadgets. I'm the "go-to" person at work if anyone
wants something technical done. I enjoy it. But I also look forward to going
home at the end of the day, locking the door behind me, and turning off all the
connections to the outside world, except to those people with whom I want to
communicate. And if you really want to know what I'm doing, I'm off to watch the
final segment of "Life on Mars". *sigh*

You put the intrusions of our supposed progress as technology into its
proper perspective.We need escape,the escape, for me, is scholarship and
learning in a quiet atmosphere where I can contemplate and have cerebral
enjoyment. I could never savor that in this hectic madness of modernity, and
need the insulation from that plastic and superficial madness we chide ourselves
into believing as "modern profundity."The ancients had much more understanding
of medicine and the other disciplines. We could never,never build structures
like the Pyramids and cannot to this day count for the exactitude of their
construction. The wisdom of the ancients confounds us, because this "age of
modernity" has an abysmal dearth of what once existed in the world as true
wisdom and profundity now obscured by our tech toys. I shut my door on all
that, to be sure

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