Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sanango synchronistic events manos Que Curan Leyter

I have never heard of such a crystalline explanation of the spiritual dimensions, and crisis that causes energy to block and a web of trauma to form. I have read of how the ancients perceived disease and ailments of the physical body and their aphorisms and sayings resonate here. The restrictions of trauma are similar to what I have read of emotional paralysis, apoplexy, and dropsy,as well. Spiritual crippling and crisis, and the synchronistic events that follow are not occasional nor fortuitous. Synchronicity and all that term entails is an exact phenomenon though often has been connoted as beyond our understanding, our intellectual understanding.The compact Oxford p 1050 defines synchronicity as the occurence of events at the same time which appear to be related but have no obvious connection. This term was used by Karl Jung and referred to acausal events at their surface but arranged by connections with other worlds and spiritual entities beyond our intellectual comprehension.

have had a desire to write about what I feel creates a physical paralysis
for quite some time. Even more so, what does paralysis really feel like? I've
tossed around words, editing and deleting, completely stuck as I try to describe
not a spinal cord injury, but a spiritual crisis. So please bear with me, as the
only difficulty in a describing this circumstance, is the inadequacy of language
to transmit the raw and intense emotion that I have within.I am incredibly
tuned-in to each of my limbs and I have strength. Gratefully, I can actively
contract each muscle in my entire body. However, there is a heaviness and I've
seen its cause extend beyond a contusion, the bruise, to my spinal cord. I view
this heaviness as a cobweb, some funky gunk, corroding the paralyzed areas of
the body. It feels sticky, somewhat archaic and even scary. It is heavy and
unwelcomed. This 'cobweb' smothers muscles, tendons, nerves and cells, which are
otherwise very much alive and receptive. They are clenched with fear, sadness,
anger and all that dark shit that I still grieve. It is a web of trauma; and
with the body's ability to hold shock at a cellular level
, trauma is absorbed
and the web begins. Overtime, an accumulation of emotional layers clings to the
body, restricting its light movement.
Eventually it fell stunned into a spotty
silence. So in my deepest belief, this is not 'souly' a physical injury, but a
spiritual crippling and crisis, which then brought the body down with it.
So how do I, how do any of us, shed this cobweb of traumatic silence?Over
the past four years, I have ventured down avenues of psychology, process and
breath works (one I particularly favor is the Continuum Movement), acupuncture,
plant medicine and others, learning about trauma and it's toll on the body. Each
of these are incredible and powerful remedies. Yet, with the Amazon rain forest
currently in my backyard, I extend my journey with plant medicine
In a previous blog I quickly mentioned one particular
plant Sanango, which after some readings I grew curious to. It is only one of
the many thousands of medicinal plants indigenous to the Amazon. Sanango moves
blocked energy throughout the physical body. Taken orally as a brew, Sanango
runs hot and even painfully, pushing itself throughout muscles, tendons, bones,
nerves and all the rest, opening pathways previously closed for whichever

Through a series of synchronistic events, it appears I have been gifted an opportunity to work with Sanango. Alesha and I will return to Iquitos next week, heading to Infinite Light Peru. (There is a bit more information on how this opportunity arose in the blog below.) This is a 10 day process referred to as dieta. This time is spent in spiritual reflection, intaking only the medicine and a small indigenous diet. I am incredibly curious and excited.

Manos Que Curan is still a profound element of my recovery. It is aiding my physical body incredibly, however it only addresses those physical aspects. The body moves as a web of expression and if there is a spiritual crippling within, no amount of physical therapy could alone, heal the body to its entirety. I view Sanango as an incredible tool to open up internal blocks, so that the treatments with Leyter, can be more effective externally.

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  1. Edward- I thank you for your comment regarding this spiritual crisis and my view on it... your support and belief is much appreciated. Sanango and medicinal plants have been quite the teachers along this journey. I thank you!
    I enjoy your topics of discussion on here as well.