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http://www.biopark.org/peru/four.html Sacred Teacher Healer Plants

I have learned much from reading the paragraphs below especially on the sacred songs ICAROS and Meghan's ability to do VENTIADAS. These are healing activities carried on for generations and I am now first reading about them, which demonstrates my ignorance even now. Meghan is speaking of another kind of medicine than the plant medicine in the paragraph below. Further posts are forthcoming

In recent months, the apprenticeship has naturally shifted over from my own
personal work, to extending work to others. I am getting Icaros (the sacred
songs which call in energies and manage the ceremonies), able to do ventiadas
(healing work which clears out dark energies that are up for people) as well as
distance healing work.
It´s coming along nicely! I won´t lie, it´s hard as hell
sometimes, and constantly transcending the obvious to see the bigger picture can
be very tricky. But I love it...I feel like I´m really living! Not just watching
movies about living, but being in the thick of it all the time: the good, the
bad and the ugly (of course it´s all beautiful and perfect if you can see
The medicine is training me to do healing work (without the use of
the actual plant medicine)
so I will be prepared to do my five month stint in
the US. It´s a crazy world out here, but it´s so much more than I could have
ever dreamed with my tiny little mind:) And I am almost finished with the ´what
I´ve learned from the medicine´book, but now I am in the middle of writing my
whole story! Stay tuned...

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