Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mother Mary Ascended Masters

I have read this as a message from Mother Mary with the following underscored points

  • she is an ascended master of great love.wisdom and compassion

  • the forces of nature coming in unity and not destruction as was once thought

  • your requirements are unique and not compared with that of others

  • she intercedes in healing and protects women and children

  • they are coming to rise, these natural forces, to widen our perceptions and enable our growth

  • the physical has not been processed in our perceptions. It is an advanced sort of perception of the glorification of the works of G-d to promote our healing and growth

  • these have always been present but now we are in a position to apprehend them and appreciate the movements of energy we were not sensitive to formerly

  • The physical destabilisation of the natural realm is not because it is beyond repair or condemned to dissolution but it is to give humanity and earth breath between creations cycles

  • The physical vibration is also changing and is attuning with our recalibrated spiritual and physical perceptions

  • To dissolve the physical would create unnecessary disruption

  • Those who apprehend ascending viewscapes in a valid flow: these Mother Mary supports

  • These replace that which is no longer of service

  • The work is at many levels and many directions of ascension.

Mother Mary Mother Mary,
who volunteered before her birth to bring Jesus to the world. Also called
"Mother of the World." A beautiful, powerful ascended master of great love,
wisdom and compassion. She protects women and children and intercedes in
healing. One of her past incarnations was Isis, when she instructed initiates in
the Mystery

Feel the unity with your chosen vibration of expansion, your chosen space of expansion. Understand that your requirements are unique and that they are not in any way better or worse, higher or lower. They do not respond to that which is comparison nor that which is the truth of another and all your requests are nurtured in equanimity and unconditionality.
I am Mary and I come with those who are Ascended Master and those in Earth management, for the elements of Earth that have been known as the Forces of Nature are coming to rise and they are rising in unity, not in destruction which was once thought. They are coming to rise, to enable the risen relationship between humanity and Earth, between individual and Earth. Although the physical manifestations of this movement have not yet been processed in your perceptions, they are fully grounded within your realm. It is your viewscape which is at present changing to embrace them. Do not be astonished by what you realate, what you see, what you perceive within your reality. It has always been present. It is simply that now you are in a position to appreciate these movements of energy.
There is increasing destabilisation within the realm that is known as physicality, not because it is beyond repair or condemned to dissolvement but it is to give Earth and Humanity breath between creations cycles, between the recalibration of your own appreciations, your own accepted abilities and the melding of these with that which still remains. En mass, the physical vibration is also changing. However, to interrupt the physical continuity is not desirable for the physical nature is still held fully within your viewscape. Therefore to dissolve this would create unnecessary disruption. We support those who develop their viewscape in accordance with that which is ascending, that which is higher vibration such that their vision may replace in a valid flow, valid within the minds and perceptions of the Humanity, replace that which is no longer of service. That which is no longer of service is becoming more evident to the conglomerations of the humanity. Therefore the work is at many levels and in many directions; it is coming to pass, mark our words, and there are many who are ascending in vibration in many areas at many levels of your humanity. And all are uniting as do you this night, morning, day for there is no interruption, there is no scale, no linearity to this connectedness. There is the fortitude of intention which bridges all gaps, all tendencies, all conditioning to that which is parameter, to that which is measurement.

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