Friday, May 1, 2009

Chambers of the Deep discoveries forever lost.

There are other sources and contact persons Verifying(?) ET visits. The microfilms will probably never be displayed to the public and be a guarded secret. Probably for the best at present, for mankind is not now ready for these and probably won't be for a very long time as far as the masses are concerned.It seems that a golden age existed under the recesses of Giza and the gains of possibly using their technology would have proliferated to heaven, but alas this paradisaical condition which could have been was rudely aborted. Yes, the tower of babel was confused , and a flood purportedly destroyed Atlantis. We are the better for it

It is also interesting that other sources as Lobsang Rampa and some
physical ET- contactpersons, told similar things that the claims here
(Some words are translated and some headlines added. There may be
wordmistakes - as text is scanned).
Here some from the epilogue
"This unusual venture into these secret chambers was costly, not only
in a monetary aspect, but in the four lives that were lost in the few short
years that followed the expedition
- due to this entry and the information
gained. Although nothing was removed from these chambers, the microfilms have
since proven to be a priceless entity to those who place money in a higher
regard than human life. It is entirely doubtful now that these microfilm clips
will ever be displayed for the general public and will remain as guarded as the
spacecraft now in captivity at our Air Force Base.
"The records within this
tomb are as near endless as time itself and had all these discs and plates been
photographed, instead of the mere 2,700 that were taken, we may now have been
able to conquer the many fears that befall every man.
We may have gained enough
basic knowledge
to now prolong our total demise, changed the lifestyle of all
those on earth, prevented the massive starvation now engulfing the world, found
cures for cancer and other ills that plague mankind and eventual accomplished a
new race of greedless people. Had we dug deeper with more photographs, we may
have discovered the secret of the anti-gravitational machine, perfected the
laser for our new and improved society, accomplished terrestrial travel,
produced tiny wafers that would supply a multitude with the proper nutrition
thus preventing hunger among the needy, and last but far from least, we may have
found a sound use for telekinesis and teleportation.

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