Friday, May 1, 2009

Chambers of the Deep Passages not detected

How can we deny the advancements in technology of the ancients once the data faces us and we have retrieved it, the "we" of the expedition under GIZA. Our advancements are minuscule in

comparison with theirs handed down for millions of years (primeval). The ancients maintained this secret and forbidden chamber,and they themselves were a super intelligent race, purportedly prior existing on Atlantis and sketchily referred to by Plato and a handful of classic authors such as Francis Bacon. Behold the dearth of modern advancements in comparison with theirs,again in a very minor and minuscule fashion, most indeed! These super intelligent beings antedated the Adam and Eve of the Bible.

  • The hidden entrance to the outer shell of GIZA. The external examination by California University scientists employed a cosmic and gamma xray device to determine secret passages undetected from internal viewing in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • A narrow passage behind the King and Queen's chamber was missed by the X rays and were below these chambers. The experimental examination revealed no inner passages.

What you have read in these preceding pages is not only the basic truths of
the expedition, but only a brief scanning of the overall data retrieved. Since
our Pyramid is evidence of our past - and can never be duplicated, we can
actually say that Noah's Ark, the UFO's and Atlantis fit this same category of
the higher technologies of the once advanced civilizations who inhabited our
Therefore, if these basic truths are now visible, how could one deny the
contents of this tomb or the fact that such a tomb exists. It is not all that
difficult to imagine the technologies of our ancients - in a comparison to ours.
Their advancement was based on supreme knowledge handed down for millions of
years - while our advancement is based on the bodies we must tramp upon to gain
just a minor degree of advancement.

So from chapter 4-
what you are about to read may surprise some, offend many and
create disbelief among the rest, but what you are about to read is fact that has
resulted from an actual expedition into the great secret and forbidden chamber -
built by a super intelligent race many centuries prior to the present belief
that Adam and Eve were the first humans planted on this earth.
To all those with
a deep religious conviction, I am not presenting these founded facts in a
sacrilegious manner when I make reference to Adam and Eve not being as per Bible
translation by your standards of reasoning. (The author's father was a priest.
Just weeks prior to this expedition's discovery of the hidden
entrance on the outer shell of the Pyramid, a caravan of scientists from a
California University had just completed their external examination of this
structure, using a cosmic and gamma x-ray device to determine whether or not
Gizeh was hiding any secret passages or rooms that were undetected from the
internal viewing.
when these rays were focused on the Pyramid, any solid portion
would immediately bounce these rays back, or be delayed should any inner opening
absorb the rays longer than necessary. This examination did reveal the obvious
delays for its normal inner passageways and its well-known chambers. What they
did not know was the absorption of split seconds (millionth of a second) that
actually indicated a secret stairway running directly behind the King's and
Queen's Chamber, for here we are speaking of a large opening with only a 29 inch
(74cm)passageway directly in line with these x-rays. Such a narrow passage could
obviously be missed and below these Chambers, the structural casing was entirely
too thick to emit such rays as far in as this staircase was located
. Thus this
University experimental examination revealed nothing more than the usual inner
openings and no inner passages.

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